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When the Whippoorwills Sing

Queer Tales of Supernatural Romance, Horror Erotica and weird fantasy


We write queer supernatural pulp, unapologetic and proud. Low down, good for nothin’ despicable lowbrow horror romance trash. And it gets a little kinky from time to time as well.

But it aint junk!

Now I’m no author of literature, that’s for damn sure. And I aint no hot rod neither, but I do have a story to tell. And my stories have got werewolves and vampires’n demons and all manner o’ weirdo’n creep in em.

And all kinds o’ hanky spanky and racy shenanigans besides.

So why not step into the shadows, take a walk on the wild side and see if you can’t find a good time.

But be careful you don’t stare too deep into the dark, else you might find something peeping back atcha.


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