Seraphina and Sophie

“And Belinda savagely tore open Heidi’s blouse, and at last conquered the ramparts of the trembling girl’s body….” Seraphina animatedly read aloud from her tablet.

“Belinda barely able to contain her excitement, ravishing Heidi’s breasts and delighting her stimulated nipples, with fervent strokes of her tongue….”

“Sera?” Sophie interrupted Seraphina’s story.

“What is it Sophie.”

“Um….this story, it’s getting a little racy.”

“Isn’t it just.” Seraphina giggled.



“….are you seducing me…?” Sophie asked as she looked up into Seraphina’s gorgeous dark eyes, her head nestled against her shoulder.

“Yes, I am….” Seraphina smiled as she lifted Sophie’s chin, and kissed her. The sensation of their tongues meeting setting both aflame with desire, until Seraphina broke away.

“Is it working?”

“Yes Sera, it is….” Sophie breathed excitedly, her eyes glazed with arousal.

“You’re making me extraordinarily wet Sera.” she blatantly confessed.

“And I want you to feel what you’re doing to me.”

And raising herself up into Seraphina’s embrace, Sophie took her hand. And guiding it beneath their blanket, Sophie pulled up her skirt. Escorting Seraphina beneath her knickers, and drawing a deep breath as her fingers touched her excitement.

And Seraphina gazed into Sophie’s pleading eyes as she explored. Dwelling a little at the girl’s patch, before teasingly investigating further.

Kissing Sophie with increasing hunger, as her fingers found their way to her sex. Sophie moaning ever so faintly, as Seraphina at last began to caress her excitement. Parting Sophie to reveal her inner lips, before finding her way to the trembling girl’s niche. Discovering at last, the surprising extent of her arousal.

“Oh my….” Seraphina smiled brightly, eyes shining with elation.

“You are rather excited, aren’t you? Is all that just for a smutty romance story?”

“No….” Sophie whispered.

“It’s because of you Sera….”

“You thrill me like no one ever has….”

“I want you, so badly.”

And overwhelmed by Sophie’s passion, Seraphina began to stroke back and forth against her sex. Taking a little of her wetness, and drawing it to Sophie’s clitoris.

Parting her lips to play with her stimulated little bean. Teasing the girl just a little, before returning to caressing her fanny slowly, in little circular gestures.

Sophie grasping Seraphina’s legs either side of her, as the woman held her chin, and kissed her as she played with her.

“Would you like me to make your body feel wonderful Sophie…?”

“Oh god, yes Sera….”

“Would you like me to make you come…?”

“Yes sera….please….I want you to fuck me….”

“Aren’t you scared someone will see?” Sera smiled wickedly. Knowing that Sophie was so excited, she wouldn’t care if an entire regiment of guardsmen watched.

“No Sera….I want you to read me your smutty story….and I want you to fuck me with your fingers….”

“And besides, we have our blanket to hide under….what’s anyone going to see….two women falling in love together…?”

“Is that what we’re doing Sophie….falling in love…?”

“Yes, we are….”

“Aren’t we Sera?”

“Yes.” Seraphina smiled brightly.

And joyously acquiescing to Sophie’s urgent arousal, Seraphina took up her device and continued reading. As Sophie lay back in her embrace once again, closing her eyes as she clung tightly to Sera’s legs.

Sighing deeply in the gorgeous warmth of the afternoon sunshine. The pleasant cool breeze kissing her freckled cheeks, as they blushed with arousal.

The proximity of Seraphina’s lips driving Sophie to gorgeous distraction, as they whispered her a smutty story. Her fingers playing with her fanny so deliciously, that the extent of Sophie’s dizzying agitation quickly grew critical.

“And then Belinda took Heidi roughly, lifting her bodily up onto the kitchen counter….” Seraphina continued.

“Manipulating her as though she weighed nothing at all, abruptly stripping away her pretty silk panties.”

“Pausing to hold the sopping wet garment to her face, breathing in the scent of Heidi’s copious arousal….”

“And then seizing the trembling girl’s throat in her demanding hand, and squeezing with a force which made Heidi’s temples throb….”

“Ravaging the moaning girl’s lips, and pillaging her body….”

And Sophie began to breathe heavily, as Seraphina’s story came alive in her mind. Sophie imagining Sera as the aggressive protagonist, and herself as the hapless object of her lust.

Wondering how delicious it would be, to be taken roughly by such an irresistible and dominant force of passion. Wondering if Sera would ever conquer and ravage her so relentlessly and so brutally.

And the bonfire of Sophie’s desire began to blaze wildly, as Seraphina’s fingers thrilled her fanny. And her delicious whispering voice, inundated her mind with erotic imagery.

And as Seraphina read of Belinda’s finger entering Heidi, so her finger began to glide deliciously into Sophie. Entering her teasingly at first, before inexorably delving deeper and deeper.

Working in and out of Sophie, before withdrawing to please the mouth of her aching sex. Then sliding her finger back in, and excruciatingly slowly working it back and forth. Seraphina delighting in feeling the girl begin to contract at her touch.

“And then Belinda thrust a second finger into Heidi’s hungry little cunt….” Seraphina read in a whisper.

“And began working in and out of the helpless gasping girl, as she kissed her ravenously….”

And as she read, Seraphina emulated the actions of the protagonists further. And pushing another finger into Sophie, Sera began to thrust into her with gradually increasing insistence.

Sophie beginning to gasp and groan discreetly, as Seraphina’s fingers wriggled inside her as they glided in and out. Pausing now and then to rub frantically at Sophie’s clitoris, sending shivers of delight rocketing up her spine.

And Sophie’s stimulation rapidly grew critical, as Seraphina’s lovemaking drove her to bliss with unprecedented rapidity.

Sophie finally looking to Seraphina, with erotic desperation burning in her narrowed eyes. Her brow creased with imploring agony, and her face a mask of sexual consternation.

“Faster….Sera faster….”

“Oh Sera….you’re going….to make me come….”

“….I’m going to….”

“Come for you….”

“….kiss me….please….kiss me while I….”

“Come for you….”

And Seraphina put down her tablet, and held Sophie’s check lovingly. As she pushed her fingers in and out with increasing urgency, kissing Sophie hungrily as the girl clung desperately to her legs.

And Seraphina felt Sophie begin to contract convulsively, as her hips began to grind in rhythm with the thrusting of her fingers. Perspiration growing at Sophie’s brow as she panted and whimpered in erotic distress.

Until Sophie withdrew from her kiss, and stared at Sera through narrowed eyes. Her mouth part open and her lip quivering, as she began to hyperventilate.


“….come….for you….”


And finally Sophie surrendered once again to Seraphina’s kiss, as she sobbed and whined plaintively in gorgeous agony. Until at last Sophie’s orgasm exploded with the brilliance of a supernova. Her hips bucking and the heels of her boots digging into the earth, as her fanny ached and throbbed divinely.

Wave after wave of ecstatic bliss, emanating from her pulsing sex and radiating throughout her entire body. Until at last Seraphina took Sophie’s bottom lip between her teeth. Biting down just hard enough, to inspire the most delicious pain.

And at last Sophie collapsed into ecstatic trembling euphoria, curling up in Sera’s lap. Her mind and body swimming in pure joy, as Sera lovingly stroked her hair.


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