The Summoning, part two

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Ravenous for Delight


Zorah was determined in her supremely lustful will, to become as a god queen among succubi. A living legend throughout all the demonic realms, and she would achieve this by seducing the most powerful and influential first. And Hazebaal was first on her list, for her wanton excesses were legendary amongst demon kind.

Indeed it was said that Hazebaal had seduced entire realms, during her many manifestations upon the mortal realm. That she had beguiled her way into royal bedchambers, and fucked her way through entire imperial palaces. Seducing courtesans and chambermaids, and princesses and queens alike.

In her glory days, Hazebaal had seized control of the puppet strings of entire nations. Wreaking demonic ruin upon countless mortal beings, before returning triumphant to the demonic realm once more. And Zorah was determined to enjoy her, determined to savour beguiling and seducing the elder demons mind, and enslaving her diabolic heart.

And now she would take the supreme demon inside of her, with her sex she would win dominion over Hazebaal. Her magic would enslave her, ensnare her mind and dominate her lust and her love alike. She would belong entirely to Zorah, of this there would be no question. Zorah wanted her, and the young demon simply would not be denied.

Before Hazebaal knew what was happening, Zorah was upon her. Her own body now ravenous for delight. Hazebaal thrilled to the sensation of the demons body writhing and grinding against hers, the intoxicating scent of her perspiration, and the silken softness of her ample breasts. Zorah’s gorgeous lips desperately kissing her own with a hunger born of supremely infernal carnal craving.

Such were the volatile delights Zorah conferred, that Hazebaal’s rigidity had not abated in the slightest since her climax. She was a ready and erect as when Zorah’s gorgeous, bliss bestowing lips had first closed upon her. And although she had come prodigiously but moments before, the crafty demon slut Zorah had her straining for more again already.

And now the slut’s lips were closing upon her, as Zorah took Hazebaal inside of her. With her legs straddling her helpless companion, Zorah drew Hazebaal gradually and luxuriously into her starving sex. Her slick demonhood contracting around the still twitching member, drawing it deeper and deeper inside her with every convulsive tightening of her snug opening.

And it delighted Zorah to look to the desperate pleading in the elder demons eyes, as she tormentingly drew her in. Admitting her a little at a time, then withdrawing a fraction before taking her a little deeper again. Hazebaal moaning and sighing lustfully as Zorah consumed her, inch by inch.

And as she drew Hazebaal so gorgeously deeper and deep inside her, Zorah’s own demonic member stiffened to a rigidity almost painful in extent. Dancing and jerking convulsively, as it throbbed and ached for release.

And at last Zorah gasped as Hazebaal rebelled against her teasing torments, grabbing the demons cheeks and forcing her down upon her member. Zorah gasped and moaned with her own lusts now fully aroused, grinding at Hazebaal’s hips as her stiffness thrust deep inside her. Filling her to the brim with wanton joy.

Hecataea could take no more, she simply had to alleviate her desperate arousal. She felt her heart would burst in her chest, if her stimulation was not soon soothed. And so she relented and her finger tips at last began to stroke gently and slowly against her oil slick cunt. Parting her lips to reveal a clitoris engorged with desperate stimulation, so she might sooth its insistent aching.

The witch watched entranced as Hazebaal thrust deep inside Zorah, their writhing forms glistening with perspiration in the candle light. She thrilled to the carnal ecstasy cast upon the furrowed brow and panting mouth of each demon. Their cries and whimpering moans filling her soul with want.

Oh how Hecataea wished to be as they were, to experience the delight that was taking place before her. To love another in that way, to be deep inside the object of ones lust. How she coveted that singular bliss, how she wished to be endowed as the succubi.

And this was the witch’s scheme, although she was not certain that the creatures could confer such a joyous boon. But she had to try. If she could win their favour, fulfil their lusts and please their demonic hearts, perhaps they could be persuaded.

As the witch watched and wished her heart’s desire, the demons grew frantic and vocal indeed in their lovemaking. Zorah sat upright upon Hazebaal and ground her hips desperately, as she cried out like a wounded animal. Hazebaal thrusted relentlessly inside her, grasping and squeezing at the creatures breasts as she drove them both to hellish rapture.

At last Hazebaal could take no more of Zorah’s sweet and lingering style of lovemaking. She bodily seized the demon and without withdrawing from her, she threw the creature on her back. And now it was Hazebaal that dominated her.

And Zorah in her scheming crafty art allowed it, for surely this was a sign that she was winning the demon over. Yes, Zorah surely had Hazebaal’s attention now, surely she was winning her scorched and desolate heart. And soon she would reign supreme over her lust, and seize dominion over her mind.

A victorious smile of joy flashed across Zorah’s lips and danced in her eyes, soon she would possess the elder demon entirely. And Hazebaal would be but the first, soon she would seduce others. She would build a formidable harem of elder demons about her, subvert them to her supremely dominant will. And when the time came, she would tear the old queen to pieces, and seize the throne for herself.

Hazebaal positioned herself above the smaller demon as she writhed and squirmed in ecstasy beneath her. She thrust herself deep inside Zorah and blessed her with her demonic limb, with all the vigour and fervent vehemence that her lust demanded.

Zorah arched her back and ground her hips, howling and yelping in agonising delight as Hazebaal drove her to dizzying satisfaction. Filling her entire being, their glamour’s now fully entangled, creating a potent magical aura of impossible sensual delight.

Again and again Hazebaal thrust herself deep into Zorah, until at last an expression almost of shock came to each of them, astonished at the glorious and unprecedented apex of carnal joy they had created together.

At last their howls and moans became unified and desperate, as Hazebaal and Zorah exploded simultaneously and in perfect orgasmic unison. The howling cries of their shared climax filling the chamber with the echoes of their diabolic and frenzied lust.


I Burn In Your Flames


Hecataea watched unheeded as all this transpired, her body glistening in the candle light with perspiration and anointing oil. She could endure the magic of the creatures combined glamour, and the aphrodisiac that coursed through her veins no more.

Hecataea’s stroking fingers now parted her lips, and began to toy in earnest with her lubricious clit. Her strokes matching the thrusts of Hazebaal’s hips, as she dreamed how delightful it would be to know Zorah in the same fashion. To take the nubile little demon as Hazebaal was taking her. To fuck the living daylights out of the demon slut, and make her howl and grind as Hazebaal was doing.

The writhing and impassioned moaning of the creatures before her, was an impossible dream, a fantasy brought into living reality. She desperately tried to stifle her cries as she worked herself to fulfilment, afraid that the scene before her would vanish like a mirage if she were to disturb it.

But as Hazebaal thrust her final shuddering strokes, and as Zorah struggled and writhed in pleasure before the onslaught, Hecataea could contain herself no more. And her desperate cries were added to those of the howling demons, as her body convulsed violently with her intensely joyous and powerful climax.

Hecataea fell spent to the floor, her fingers still caressing and soothing her pulsing lips. And while she was consumed with her own private universe of blissful gratification, the demons were lost in their own.

Lost in one another’s hungry lips and burning eyes as Zorah worked every drop of Hazebaal’s pleasure from her throbbing member. Causing the creature to gasp and convulse, as her powerful and artful musculature, extracted the last of Hazebaal’s lustful issue from her body.

“Makers mercy….” Hazebaal panted breathlessly

“….your magic consumes me, I burn in its flames.”

“You have won me Zorah.” She whispered as she kissed the demon with passion and zealous adoration.

“You have won me, I am yours.”

Zorah wrapped her arms and legs tightly around Hazebaal, and drew her as close as she might. Her crafty cunt still contracting and convulsing around Hazebaal’s demon prick. Milking every last tremor of throbbing bliss, from her as her orgasm went deliciously on and on.

“How I have craved your lips Hazebaal….”

“….how painfully have I hungered to have you inside me.”

Zorah whispered seductively, taking advantage of the elder demons weakened state of mind.

“To know your wanton arts and your wicked ways.”

She bit at Hazebaal’s lips, and teased her with cruelly with the lustful lash of her salacious tongue.

“It was so much more than I had dreamed” she breathed

“So much more than when I would think of you and please myself….”

“….alone and craving your lips.”

And her seduction was working like a charm on the elder demon. Indeed Zorah could feel the elder demons magic shrinking in submission, before her own dominant beguilements and charms. Her demonic magic possessing Hazebaal as darkness possesses the night.

“But can it be true” she whispered in her sweetest and most enchanting tone.

“Have I really won you heart, my sweet and savage Hazebaal?”

“Yes” Hazebaal whimpered as Zorah continued to pleasure her member with her clenching lips. Her passion still rigid and engorged with lust even now, as it dwelt spent and emptied inside Zorah.

“Do you really offer yourself to me? A newly incarnated.” The demon seduced.

“Oh yes Zorah” Hazebaal whispered, her heart now thoroughly enthralled.

“And you will be as an imp to me? Even though I am so young?”

“Never have I been so enchanted….” Hazebaal replied gazing deep into Zorah’s eyes

“….never have I been so lost in another. Your ways of seduction are without equal, never have I been so awakened.”

Zorah radiated bliss.

“Could it be that you are willing to promise yourself to me Hazebaal, to me alone?”

“For the pleasure that you give….”

“….for the ease you bring to my ever burning lust….”

“….I would serve you until the end of time.”

Zorah held Hazebaal close, enveloping her entirely in her magic.

“Then promise yourself to me imp….”

“….promise yourself to your new mistress, Zorah.”

“I promise….” Hazebaal whispered, hopelessly lost in the inferno of Zorah’s deceitful and manipulative, but above all irresistible seduction.

“….my mistress Zorah.”




“Again…!” the demon succubus Zorah demanded again.

“….say it again, pledge yourself to me….”

“….surrender yourself entirely.”

And as Zorah issued her command, she caused her cunt to contract all the tighter, upon Hazebaal’s demon cock. Taking it as her own and possessing the member with her sex, as she meant to possess Hazebaal’s mind.

“I give myself to you entirely….” Hazebaal panted desperately, consumed entirely in the flames of Zorah’s beguilement.

“….my queen!”

Zorah smiled jubilantly at her victory, and showered her newly bound imp in kisses of joy. Harrying her lips and throat with the torment of her biting teeth.

“We will know such pleasures together Hazebaal….” she thrilled joyously

“….we will build a coven you and I, a cabal of pleasure, and of wicked delight such as demon kind has never seen.”

“Yes” Hazebaal sighed, becoming lost in Zorah’s magic.

“We could rule the realm of succubi, we could be as god queens. With our powers combined we could reign unchallenged.”

“Yes” The elder demon agreed as she succumbed to Zorah’s scheming.

“We could dethrone the old matriarch, and take her place sided by side….”

“…you and I together”

“Yes” Hazebaal moaned.

“We could even incarnate our own”

At this outrageous blasphemy Hazebaal baulked, this was subversion of the gravest sort, for only the matriarch was permitted to incarnate. To do so and be discovered was to challenge the queen of all succubi, to openly incite her anger.

But it was also a perversion and a sin that Hazebaal had long wished to indulge. And with this supreme demon beside her, it was a subversion she found herself all too willing to commit.

“Yes….” she finally hissed in wicked assent

“….we will rebel against the matriarch. We will incarnate our own.”

Hazebaal’s tone now became seditious and conspiratorial, as the plot became her own heart’s desire.

“Long have I despised that slut the matriarch, its high time she was deposed and torn to pieces.”

Hazebaal’s visage now abruptly became adoring and her tone idolatrous, as sinful sedition aroused her yet again. They both felt Hazebaal swelling and stiffening once more inside Zorah, as Hazebaal’s passions grew.

“It should be one as godlike as you that takes the throne….” She whispered in a lustful and adoring tone

“….it should be your superior seduction that reigns supreme.”

“Yes” Zorah cooed in delight.

“The old queen has become limp and weak….”


“….let it be queen Zorah who rules.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Zorah became slick with excitement once again as Hazebaal began to enliven and engorge once more. Her with her demonic limb sliding slowly and luxuriously back and forth, deep inside the demon Zorah.

“Then we will rebel, you and I” Zorah moaned as her heart began to race with arousal.

“We will bide our time. We will incarnate an army of imps to aid our plot.”

“And Zorah, queen of succubi will reign”

“We will seduce all of creation you and I, and we will begin….” Zorah growled hungrily

“….with this witch.”

And as the seditious plot was agreed, Hecataea began to recover from her dizzying climax. Yet her cravings, she found were far from fulfilled, merely whetted at best. The potent love potion she had consumed, was proving very effective indeed.

She was every bit as aroused and lustful for demonic affection as before, indeed her heart and body hungered greatly. She sat back up again, to find the demons still enthralled with one another, engaged in some whispered discourse. As she raised herself to her knees once again, the demons turned their attention to her.


Carnal Ruin


The witch Hecataea had not intended to bring herself to bliss so soon, but the spectacle of the two succubi slaking their ever smouldering lusts upon one another, had been more wildly arousing than she had anticipated. Such powerful and dizzying stimulation had it provoked, deep within her being. And such an overwhelming flood of stupefying lust, had engulfed her mind, that she had become as a slave to her urgent and frantic need.

First to see the smaller demon, the one named Zorah tease and torment the much larger elder demon Hazebaal. To see one so slight and nubile of frame, so completely dominate one so obviously superior in build and strength. To conquer the entity armed only with the weapons of her lips and her tongue and her hungry and salacious little mouth, with its lips so pouty and beguiling. Lips that whispered of libertine invitation and of compulsive demand.

To see the little creature drive the demon to plead so wantonly for satisfaction. Her lips and tongue kissing and lapping at Hazebaal’s engorged and throbbing rod, as the demons eyes dimmed and glazed with desperation. And then to see the Zorah demon mounting Hazebaal, drawing her pulsing stiffness deep within the paradise of her wicked little cunt.

And to witness the Hazebaal provoked to sexual insurrection by Zorah’s maddening sensuality. At last using her superior physical acuity to overwhelm the little one, and fuck her with all the relentless urgency, and animalistic single mindedness of a rutting beast.

It had all been too much for the witch, and her orgiastic fervour had quite demolished her intent. And so orgasmic bliss had wholly dimmed her intellect, blinding her eyes with its intensity and stopping her ears to the discourse, which passed between the two demons, in the wake of their explosive and lingering bliss.

And so Hecataea lay as a hapless vessel cast upon the rocks of carnal ruin, her body convulsing as she remained rapt in the sight of her fantasies brought to life. The heat of the aphrodisiac and narcotic philtre she had previously consumed, now coursing through her blood as the currents course through a river.

The entire erotic drama which had unfolded before the witch, had been no less magical and dreamlike than she had envisaged. For such was the influence of the summoning circles, and the great invocation wheel she had rendered upon her chambers floor.

For indeed, the song of conjuration she had sung had rendered this portion of reality, quite dethatched from any other. Her magic enchantments and devices had created something of a third reality, separate from the demonic and her own mundane realm alike.

But although the witch had taken careful precaution to shield herself from harm, she knew that it was still somewhat perilous to linger in her rapture too long. And so she roused herself from her sensory paradise, her mind now fixed on the carnal pleasures she would have these demons render unto her.

And before the witch Hecataea knew what was happening, they were both approaching her on all fours. And with their smiles warm and wolfish with desire, the two succubi were at last upon her.


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