Witches Promise part two

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Just Go Talk to Her


Kim felt delightfully nervous, full to the brim with expectation and apprehension. A multitude of thoughts raced through her mind. A thousand solutions to the riddle of the beguiling new girl’s identity.

If she was joining the team or even on loan from another department, there would have been some kind of introduction. She could be a consultant or contractor, but they didn’t generally have blue hair. And Kim had never seen one who was covered from neck to ankle in tattoos.

‘Will she like me….?’

‘….will I like her?’

Her presence was anomalous as well as impossibly arousing. And stranger still was the fact that the entire office appeared utterly oblivious to her presence. Who the hell was she?

‘Maybe she’s not into girls….’

‘….maybe she’s a bitch.’

‘Maybe she doesn’t like creepy girls who interfere with themselves in public?’

‘Oh for heaven’s sake….’ Kim reigned in her muddled thoughts.

‘You haven’t even met her yet….’

‘….you don’t even know her name….’

‘….just go talk to her.’

At last Kim set her resolve and loaded the teapot, her cup and little matching milk jug onto their tray and headed to the kitchen. Pulling herself together as she went, and nervously summoning up her courage before stepping into the kitchen.

‘….okay….here goes nothing.’

And there she was. Leaning against the kitchen counter, thumbs thrust into her jeans pockets, with long legs crossed before her waiting for the kettle to boil. The new girl wore a broad and unabashedly villainous smile on her face. It was as if she was expecting Kim to follow her into the kitchen.

Kim took a deep breath and plunged headlong into the unknown, her heart quickening with excitement.

“Hi.” She offered in a bright friendly tone, as she extended her hand in greeting.

“I’m Kim.”

“Hi” the girl smiled wickedly.

“I’m Catherine, just call me Cate.”

Kim nearly melted on the spot as she accepted the new girl’s hand. Her grip was firm but also gentle, and the sensation of her hand in Kim’s was delicious. And her voice, it flowed like deep dark golden syrup, warm and smooth. And she had the most gorgeous and seductive French Canadian accent.

And then there was her eyes.

Now that Kim was no longer confined to furtive sidelong glances, she could see just how preternaturally dark and large Cate’s eyes were. Up close they were actually kind of creepy, as black as midnight and imbued with a profound depth.

And as clichéd as it sounded in her thoughts, Kim genuinely felt she could somehow fall into the impossible depths, of that fathomless and hypnotic gaze.

But there was a warmth there also, and a kind of playful wickedness which somewhat negated the queerness of her weird eyes.

Reluctantly releasing Cate’s hand Kim placed her tray on the kitchen counter, and began rinsing her things in the sink. She could feel Cate’s eyes on her as she worked, she could sense her impish amusement. And Kim found her excitement rising again beneath the heat of that gaze.

“So where are you from, Cate…?” Kim asked in her best affected nonchalant tone.

“….are you a consultant, or a transfer from another department?”

Cate stood right next to Kim at the kitchen counter and remained tacit, apparently ignoring the innocent inquiries. Eventually, when she was sure she had Kim’s full attention, Cate playfully bumped her with her shoulder and leaned in close to whisper.

“I caught you staring at me.”

The cup fell from Kim’s hands and went clattering in the sink, and she turned to face the grinning Cate. The bright pink of embarrassment staining her cheeks for the second time that day.

“Oh golly….” Kim stammered.

“….I’m sorry…I was….”

“….well, it’s just you’re so…” she paused, her mind searching frantically for an alibi.

“….its your tattoo’s….”

‘….um….they’re interesting….and there’s an awful of them…’

‘….um….’ Kim trailed off into awkward silence.

“Oh. So it’s just my ink you like….it’s okay, you can look.”

Cate pulled up her shirt almost as high as her breasts revealing her extensively inked belly.

“Look, this one is my favourite”

“….oh my.” Kim uttered in a faraway voice.

‘It’s….oh golly….’

Kim found herself looking at a stylized horned female figure, large breasted and sitting cross legged. One hand gripped a writhing snake and the other a large sickle. Wild animals lurked in the woods around her.

Cate pulled the waist of her jeans and underwear down maybe an inch or so.

“Look….” She said in puckish mock innocence.

“….she goes all the way down.”

“Oh my….” Kim sighed.

“I thought maybe I tickled your fancy? I thought maybe you were…” Cate trailed off, relishing Kim’s delightful clumsiness before adding.

“….you know, interested.”

“But if it’s just my tattoo’s then…” She left the sentence open and inviting.

“Oh….Oh no…!” Kim stumbled over her words in her haste to correct the misconception, failing to realize that it was entirely contrived.

“You do…I mean, I am…”


Kim gulped nervously and trailed of awkwardly again, her hands trembling ever so slightly and her palms sweaty. She hid the fact by taking her cup and a tea towel and idly drying the vessel. Her heart was racing and she felt like a dunce.

She was losing her head over this new girl, her usual composure and confidence had evaporated completely in the heat of the moment.

“Well…?” Said Cate.


“You can touch her if you want” Cate whispered seductively.


This Isn’t Real


Astonished, Kim gazed deep into those mesmerizing black eyes. Had she heard correctly, had Cate invited her to touch her body? Kim nervously extended a trembling had, and her fingertips began to tentatively caress Cate’s tattooed belly. She gazed into those spellbinding black eyes, her entire being flooding with dizzying infatuation and intense desire.

She dwelt at the woman’s navel, tracing little circles around it as Cate began to tremor a little in response.

“No tickling Kim.”


Cate seized Kim’s hand as it wandered nearer the button of her denims. She directed Kim’s questing fingers back up her belly, over her ribcage and underneath her shirt.

“And you can touch me here too….” Cate whispered hungrily as she guided Kim’s hand to her breasts.

“….if you want.”

Kim drew a sharp intake of breath as she felt the soft warmth of Cate’s breast in her hand. And her eyes widened when she discovered the rigidity of the beguiling woman’s excited nipple.

“Wait…!” Kim whispered nervously as she glance over to the kitchen door.

“…someone will see.”

Kim smiled as she lifted Kim’s chin, binding her with her bewitching gaze. Her lips so close and her breath so sweet and so very seductive.

“Relax….” Cate whispered as she drew Kim’s hand back down to her belly

“….nobody will see….”

“….this isn’t real”

“What are you talking about…?” Kim whispered urgently.

“….we’ll get caught!”

“Hush….” Cate whispered

“….just trust me, I told you….”

“….this isn’t real”


Kim stood transfixed before those strangely beguiling eyes, losing herself entirely in their queer seductive gaze. Allowing herself to fall into this queer….

….fantasy maybe….or daydream…?

….it couldn’t be real, it was too….


And at last Kim relented, to her desires, to her burning arousal to plunge headlong into this curious adventure. And she relented to those whispering, beguiling lips, as they found their way to her own.

And as Kim lost herself in that kiss, her mind reeled with dizzying arousal the mystery of a newly discovered romance. And surrendering to the intensity of the moment she kissed back with lips hungry for satisfaction.

Cate now seized Kim’s free hand and took control of it too. And Kim surrendered to the new girls overwhelming dominance, and allowed Cate to guide her hand to between her legs.

And Kim gasped in shock and fascination at what she felt.

There was a rigidity growing inside Cates jeans, a rigidity that should not be. She was a natural woman, undeniably and overwhelmingly so. But inside her jeans, there was an increasingly rigid little appendage swelling between her legs.

“Oh my god…!”

“….what the….Cate?”

Cate waited patiently as Kim’s mind scrambled to process the startling reality of her physiology. Preparing herself for the shock of rejection, and even the agony of revulsion. But hoping with all her heart that Kim would like her for who she truly was.

A lump forming in her throat and her stomach worked into knots, as she fought to keep tears from forming in her eyes, as she prayed that Kim could accept the woman she was. And not recoil in horror, upon discovering that she was not the woman Kim had thought she was.

She was ready for the possibility that Kim would react badly, but her wishes were buoyed when Kim’s hand remained exactly where it was.

“Cate….” Kim muttered in confusion.

“….I thought you were….I mean are you….?”

“Yes….” Cate whispered gently with a reassuring smile

“….it’s okay Kim, I’m a woman.”

“….but you…you…?”

“But I’m not exactly like other women, I’m….”

“….just a little bit different, I’m an intersex woman”


“you mean like….intersex….”

“Are you okay Kim?”


“Are you sure?”

“….um….yes….yes I am….”

“….I mean, I’m….surprised….?”

Cate’s eyes glazed a little, simply with the emotional intensity of the moment. She knew from bitter and heartbreaking experience that people could react to her truth, in many different ways. Anywhere from absolute horror, to confusion and even anger and hostility, and sometimes even violence. But worst of all sympathy or pity.

But Kim was taking it like a champ, she was neither recoiling nor offering false or affected empathy. And Cate allowed hope to flood her heart, as Kim’s hand began tentatively to explore.

“I’m still the girl you were staring at, the one that tickled your fancy….”

“….the one that had you playing with yourself under your desk.”

At this however Kim did recoil. Snatching away her hand and retreating to lean against the kitchen counter as she buried her blushing face in her hands.


Do You Trust Me?


“Oh my god….”

“….Cate, I’m so sorry….I….”

“Hey” Cate laughed.

“It’s okay.”

“….oh god” Kim groaned with the horrifying torment of discovery.

“Kim….do you think I’m upset that you liked me…?”

“….that you wanted me that badly?”

Kim peeked from behind the rampart of her hands, as she continued to hide her vibrant blush of embarrassment.

“I feel like such a creep.…” She cried plaintively.

“It’s not creepy” Kim smiled brightly.

“Well….yeah, okay. I guess it is a little….but….”

“….I thought it was actually kind of sweet….”

“Really…?” Kim pleaded.

“….and kind of sexy”

“You mean you’re not freaked out….?”

“No” Cate laughed “are you”

“Yes….a little….and no”

“Well, alright then….” Cate grinned seductively.

“….now….where were we?”

And with this Cate removed Kim’s hands from her face, restraining one upon the counter where she had the nervous girl pinned, and guiding the other to where it had formerly dwelt. To the excitement swelling in her jeans.

And the beguiling new girl’s lips were upon Kim’s once again, and Kim found her nervous trepidation melting away entirely, before the magic of Cate’s kiss. And as startled as she had been, Kim found that she was hopelessly fascinated. And she gently rubbed at Cate’s stiffening penis, as her hand went to the button of her jeans.

“Cate no….!” Kim gasped in terror that they might be discovered.

“….someone will see….we’ll both get fired….”

“Relax….” Cate breathed seductively.

“….we won’t get caught….”

“….I told you, this isn’t real.”

“Cate no…!” Kim whispered urgently.

But it was too late. Kim watched in terrified fascination as Cates agile fingers popped open the buttons of her jeans, one by one. And she gasped as Cate took her hand once again, and directed it beneath her panties.

Kim breathed heavily with intense arousal and fascination as she pulled back Cate’s underwear, to release the woman’s excited little member. It jerked and throbbed, growing to even greater rigidity, as Kim’s fingers timidly stroked her.

This was deliciously new, Kim had never met whatever kind of woman Cate was, ever before. It was thrilling in a way that she had never before experienced. She stroked Cate’s excitement with rapt fascination, simultaneously enthralled and challenged by the experience. Although in truth, it was the fear of discovery which frightened her, it had little to do with the realities of Cates anatomy.

Kim quickly arrived at the conclusion that, as far as Cate’s intersexuality was concerned, this was who she was….

….it was….unexpected, for sure. But….

….but it was okay, it felt natural. It was new, and entirely beyond Kim’s experience…

….maybe even a little scary…?

….but this was who Cate was.

And the last of Kim’s fear and trepidation evaporated entirely, when she saw the look of pleasure in Cates eyes. The woman took a deep intake of breath and closed her eyes in unadulterated bliss, as Kim’s timid hands stroked her. Cate wanted her, this woman was thrilled by her. And Kim knew for sure that she liked that, she liked that very much indeed.

And Cate began to gasp and breathe heavily, as Kim explored further between her legs. Cate felt trembling hands quest to the source of her arousal, lingering at her hairless base of her rigidity. And she shuddered with stimulation, as Kim’s fingers discovered her vagina, and began to stroke her already wet lips.

And Cate released a gasp of urgent pleasure as Kim’s finger slipped inside of her. And as she withdrew it again, drawing it between Cates lips and discovering her clit, Cate gasped a little too loudly for Kim’s nerves to handle.

Kim quickly snatched back her hand as she looked to the doorway in alarm.

“Cate….!” she pleaded in a hushed whisper

“….someone will hear, we’ll get caught!”

“No they won’t” Cate insisted as she drew Kim close again.

“I promise….”

“….just trust me” She muttered hungrily as she lifted Kim’s chin and kissed her with ravenous passion.

“Do you trust me?” Cate whispered urgently.

Kim thought for a moment as she glanced furtively to the door. Was this real, was it actually happening? Was she napping at her desk and dreaming the whole episode? It felt real enough, but there was a strange dreamlike quality to the encounter. As though it were indeed happening, but somehow in a separate reality, some other here and now.

At last Kim’s burning desires for this otherworldly girl overwhelmed her fears. And she at last surrendered to the fantasy, or illusion or whatever the hell this was.

So what if she lost this stupid pointless job….

….after all, it would be a hell of a way to go.

She at last nodded her head eagerly, and surrendering to the phenomena, she hungrily replied.


“….I trust you Cate”


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