The Sacred Vampyre, an excerpt from ‘A Catalogue of Curious Entities and Supernatural Creatures’

Penned by Rowan Hollyoak
arch adept of the esoteric arts and conservator of arcana and hidden lore


What more blessed and sacred an entity can there be, than the eminently mysterious and supremely beguiling vampyre. Such a dark and hallowed paradise is to be discovered in their embrace, and such wondrous and forbidden pleasures might they bestow. The secrets of the fathomless gulfs of eternity, and the endless ocean of time and space, might one hear from their lips. For they are ageless and immortal beings, who walk a very different reality to our own.

And should one of these creatures bless you with a taste of their blood or their venom, oh what wonders shall ye know. Prepare thyself you novice of witches, for libidinous revelations and hedonic epiphanies beyond comprehension.

Heed my words well. For I have tasted of that nectar, that sanguine ambrosia of the vampyres blood. And have known that otherworldly paradise. I have seen through those eyes and have known the luxurious touch of that flesh.

And because I welcomed that ambrosia even into my own blood, I have not been made monstrous in any way. For the dominating effect of the vampyres venom, is only employed where creatures of lesser blood such as you or I, offer resistance. Fealty to their noble birthright is only compelled thus, when it is unjustly or petulantly withheld.

But take the greatest of care in treating with these entities, and remember well that you speak to royalty of the highest order. Their nobility and grace bestowed upon them, by the very universe itself. And higher indeed than the nobility of any mortal being of titled lineage, be they princess or queen.

Now as for practical instruction, I can only offer this. Put from your mind entirely, each and every salacious lie and gross deception ye have heard about these astonishing entities.

They are in no manner a murderous or wicked breed of creature. They do not leap upon the throats of virgins and drain them of blood, until the ruddiness be banished from their cheeks. Such scandalous lies and imaginings come solely from the twisted, and murderous fantasies of perverted zealots and pious, false hearted holy men.

Treat with them in a manner hostile or combative, and surely ye will know their ire. Spurn or recoil in horror from their sacred and regal seductions, and ye will find yourself likewise treated unkindly. Rather you ought submit yourself gratefully to their affections, and in so doing know the paradise of their embrace.

And thus will you find yourself entirely free from harm, for they will have their way as any creature of noble blood quite naturally will. Submit to their affections and they will not be provoked to enforce their rightful dominance. And as such they will not be compelled to exercise the power of their venom.

And heed ye not the misrepresentations of the vampyre hunter, for they find horror and monstrosity where there is none. Save for that which they carry in their own cruel hearts.

And also heed ye not the lurid imaginings related in the gossiping of the barrett. For vampyres are not by any means repulsed by garlic or crucifixes. And neither is their reflection repelled by the reflective gaze of a bright burnished mirror.

And as for those hateful tools of the murderous and blasphemous wytch hunter, the stake to the heart and the scourge of flame. Any living thing might be ushered to their doom by such means. They have no particular nor peculiar effect upon the vampyre, separate to those which might be visited upon you or me.

As for the radiant smile of the sun however, they are indeed most susceptible to injury by this means. Although they will not burst into withering flame, as lurid rumour and myth would have ye believe. It will prompt illness of the most excruciating and debilitation sort, and impair their wondrous abilities most cruelly.

And by way of a final note, for those who would have the heart to make their dark and magical acquaintance, I would encourage your endeavour most keenly. I cannot here relate the sensuous and libidinous secrets I have learned, for I am bound to secrecy.

But know ye this young witch, never will ye forget the kiss of the vampyre once ye have tasted of its delights. Its memory will haunt thy dreams and imaginings, its lingering magic will moisten the flower of thine womanhood to delight, even until thy dying breath.


Earth Mother bless you and The Goddess guard you as you go.


Thank you for reading

Whippoorwill X

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