On the Taxonomy of Succubi, an excerpt from ‘The Summoning and Binding of Demons’

by Celestina Blackwood
Arch adept in necromantic studies and conjuration magic


Know you of the mysterious and fabled Succubus? Have you heard the lurid and salacious rumours, which enshroud their wickedness in a cloak of lies? Then put from your mind this supposed knowledge, for much of it is innuendo and fantasy, birthed from the minds of perverted and deviant halfwits.

The morphology of these detestable creatures is thus.

Although relatively regular in height and mass to the human frame, some grow to be comparatively tall or robust of body. While others manifest as comparatively little in stature, standing no taller to the tip of the horn, to the level of the breast of an average human. Generally speaking they mirror the general appearance and proportion of human women, but are possessed of an arousing and pleasing comeliness that no blemish or blight does mar.

Also possess they, particular powers of carnal attraction which beguile the mortal mind, unless counteracted. Magics and enchantments which trick the unenlightened soul, preying upon the yearning of those lacking companionship, and predating upon the lovelorn and broken hearted.

If one should be ensnared by their bewitching glamour, they will appear in the image that ones most lustful imaginings or soulful yearnings might conjure. Perhaps even appearing as some long lost love, or paramour from who circumstance has held one separate.

But in truth they are grotesque and repellent in their true form. They invariably bear horns upon their heads, some great and some small. Their flesh may be coloured in all the myriad hues of humankind, or otherwise a vibrant red or blue. While others appear coloured in hues somewhere between the two extremes.

Some elder or great varieties may bear wings of sable feathers, or a membranous leathery material. They often bear claws and talons upon their hands and feet, sometimes viciously long and sharp, sometimes not.

Their eyes are large and elongated, often arranged askance, and alive those eyes are with the insistent inferno of lust which rages always within them. Their loathsome tongues are forked in the manner of the serpent or the drake or wyrm. A curious feature of which is that the tongue is ideally suited for the application of oral bliss. The two eminently articulate split halves holding the lips of one’s wellspring apart, thus exposing the flower to the application of intense pleasure.

But it is between their legs that the most disgraceful and sinful anomalies might be found. A long and hideously articulate tail sprouts from the base of the coccyx. And at the tip of this tail a heart or arrow shaped cartilaginous growth might be found, sometimes not.

But it is the unspeakable arrangement of genitalia which marks these wretches as wholly disgraceful and repulsive. For they bear the slit and flower of a woman, but the procreative member of man as well.

But the nature of this latterly mentioned limb is singularly peculiar, for it is inexplicably not masculine in character. Indeed it is possessed of an eerie and rather astonishing femininity. Difficult to comprehend without an amputated and preserved specimen to display, but my assessment is accurate nonetheless.

Indeed this limb has been the subject of extensive examination on my part, so curious and beguiling is its anomalous presence. Many is the time I have subjugated and dominated these entities, under the stern and unforgiving lash of my conjurations and bindings.

And often have I satisfied my baser carnal impulses with the astonishing creatures. By slaking my flowers hunger upon it, by taking it within myself for the purposes of thorough and extensive examination. A degenerate and sacrilegious act, I know. But a practice undertaken without fear or trepidation on my part, for it is done purely in the name of scientific enquiry.

For such is my dedication to scientific endeavour, that I often summon these creatures to me. Devoting myself entirely to their examination, often for days on end. But of course, any arousal or carnal satiety I might experience is purely incidental. Regardless of how oft and vigorously I might experience such.

Now I know full well the lurid tales of lustful and salacious summoners. They often speak of the pleasures and delights of laying with these entities, for no good purpose whatsoever. Especially that wanton and ignorant slut Elspeth Fairfawn. But in their undisciplined dabbling’s, they overlook the deeper knowledge and true delight that might be derived from these creatures.

For truly the pleasure is in the binding, in the subjugation and domination of these daemons. To hear them shriek and whimper under the whip of containment magick, to witness them squirm and wriggle against the bonds of ensorcellment. To extract their secrets from them by vigorous scourging of their wonderfully round and peachlike backsides, with paddle crop and tawse.

And then to tame and pacify them, via the torment of withholding ones carnal favours. Until they be pleading for the blissful ecstasy of release. To see them so bound by ones dominion, and to keep them after as willing slaves, that is the true pleasure of the succubus.

A secret pleasure known only to those unique, and eminently gifted practitioners such as me.

But let me reiterate that my delvings are purely inquisitive in nature, undertaken for the purpose of extracting the mysteries and secrets from these entities. For only under duress most insistent, will they render the inmost enigmas of their anomalous existence.


The full content of this lecture may not be reproduced here, for Arch Adept Blackwood holds forth on this subject to a degree which many consider excessively lurid. And signally unscientific.

The full presentation might only be viewed upon application to the unseen library, subject to approval.


The End
Thank you for reading

Whippoorwill X


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