I Love My Horns part two

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What a Mess


Holly placed her hot coffee on the little table, next to her favorite chair beside the window. She inspected the wreckage of her living room and decided that a little housework would help pass the time until the hallucinations subsided. Until her imaginary tail and horns disappeared.

Holly ignored the image of her horned head and serpentine tail, reflecting on the television screen and busied herself with thankfully mundane tasks. She straightened out the disheveled throws on her sofa and replaced the cushions, arranging them in a tidy row. She straightened out the coffee table, put the empty wine glasses in the dishwasher and put the several half empty beer bottles in the kitchen recycling tub.

Doing her best to ignore the swaying of her anomalous tail, she corked the open red wine bottle and put it on the kitchen counter. Holly recognized Sera’s muted pink plaid coat on the floor, she hung it up in the hall closet. As she did so, a bag of little red pills fell out of the pocket. Holly picked them up off the hardwood floor.

“We won’t be taking these again.” Holly announced to no one, as she flushed them down the toilet.

She found her t-shirt and bra on the floor, also several pairs on underwear which were not hers.

“So I guess things got pretty wild….”

“….what a mess.”

The unfamiliar undergarments she consigned to the laundry hamper, for later attention and identification. And with the room tidied to her satisfaction, Holly sat down to stare out the window and sip her coffee, to relax as best as her predicament might permit. She felt far more clear headed now, and her hangover was rapidly dwindling.

In fact she was starting to feel good, very good indeed. Holly felt strong, somehow fitter and healthier than usual.

“I guess redundancy suits me.” Holly mused as she sank back in her chair and sipped her coffee.

Leaving the stress of her job at Telco felt good, but in the back of her mind she was aware that the party couldn’t last forever. She would have to start searching for another position sooner rather than later. Reputations die fast and visibility has to be maintained, but for now she had bigger problems.

Holly relaxed and began to feel a lot calmer, as the initial distress of her hallucinations evolved into amused fascination. She stretched out her arms and inspected the pinkness of her skin, the strange vibrancy of her tone causing her to giggle in delight and fascination.

She was actually starting to enjoy the delusion, or hallucination or whatever this was. ‘Might as well she thought’, it will pass soon enough and then I’ll be plain old Holly again.

She played with her tail, and found that it was remarkably articulate and responsive to her commands. She made it sway back and forth and describe little patterns in the air for some time, much to her further amusement.

Eventually Holly ceased her play, and sat back in her comfortable chair. And retrieving her mod box vape she began to puff away, sending clouds of rose scented vapor billowing forth, to disperse before the open window.

Holly idly picked up her phone and swiped it open, the selfie that Lucy had sent her was still open. She gazed at the gorgeous woman for some time, and tried to better recall their encounter.

Holly could recall Lucy far more clearly now. She was smart but not clever in any irritating way, and feminine without being girly. And she was strong in every sense of the word, athletic of build and bold in character, but she wasn’t exactly butch either.

Holly remembered how Lucy had spoken to her, she seemed to have a knack for cutting straight through all the irrelevant nonsense of small talk, to actually communicate meaningfully.

And Lucy was gorgeous. Not cover girl beautiful, there was nothing phony or affected about her, but deeply beautiful. Profoundly beautiful, though in an odd way. It was the little unconventionally cute characteristics that defined her beauty. The few too many freckles dusting her nose and cheeks, her slightly stubby but adorable nose. Her ever so slightly elongated and angular elfin ears. And her eyes, big and dark and sexy.

But most of all Holly recalled that Lucy was interested, she didn’t seem concerned with the usual subjects. What Holly did for money or where she worked, what car she drove or where her apartment was. She seemed interested in who Holly really was, the deep down inside Holly. How she felt, how she looked at things and how she thought, what it was like to be Holly in the world.

Holly had found herself opening up to Lucy with things she never talked about, not even with Sera and Rosie. Secret dreams, hidden aspirations, even those fears and doubts that she always kept to herself. But best of all Lucy made Holly feel desirable, the way she talked to her made her feel beautiful and special.

Lucy didn’t offer clumsy compliments or hollow observations on Holly’s physical appearance, Lucy flattered with profound curiosity and genuine attention. Lucy would ask a question and then actually listen to the answer, instead of just waiting for her turn to talk again, as most people did. Talking with Lucy made Holly feel good about being Holly, like who she was and how she felt actually mattered.

Holly’s heart fluttered with memories of Lucy, and she felt slightly silly, like a teenager with a crush. But she decided to ignore the self conscious feeling and simply enjoy the emotions for what they were.

Holly knew that Lucy would probably turn out to be nothing like, what she remembered. But for now, she was content for Lucy to exist in her mind as the woman of her fantasies, reality could wait.

Holly closed her eyes and thought about dancing with Lucy. The way she moved her body was so sexy, so serpentine. When she danced it was as though no one else existed in the world but Holly, like Lucy was dancing just for her.

Holly remembered their movements growing increasingly sensual and daring, during the course of the night. Holly was usually far too reserved and self conscious to express herself so freely, but just being around Lucy seemed to awaken an unfamiliar boldness from deep within her.

And Holly remembered kissing Lucy for the first time, right there on the dance floor, amidst the swelter and heat of the Hellfire club.

And Holly allowed her mind to drift deeper still into fantasy, she allowed Lucy to dance for her again in her imagination.


Mystery and Promise


Holly watched the movement of Lucy’s body, the swaying of her hips and the graceful motion of her limbs as the gorgeous girl danced in her fantasy. Holly imagined the curves of Lucy’s body, the arch of her spine, the curves of her thighs and the shape of her breasts. And her smile, her wolfish and wicked, and oh so beguiling smile. And her eyes, dark and filled with mystery and promise, fixed solely on Holly and no one else.


Wonderful Lucy, all for Holly and Holly alone.

The tip of Holly’s tail slipped inside her robe and began playing with her nipples and caressing her breasts. Holly began to breathe deeply in the pleasant summer breeze, as she imagined Lucy moving closer and closer, her body brushing against Holly’s as they danced.

Holly remembered her excitement and delight as their lips met for the first time, the moment had been electrifying. Holly’s tail drifted downwards, stroking her belly and describing little circles around her naval, as her fantasy escalated.

Holly imagined Lucy gathering her up in her arms. The two seemed to levitate and float freely above the dance floor, even as the beats and rhythms persisted. Holly breathed in deeply and sighed as she imagined Lucy’s hands on her body. Squeezing her breasts and reaching under her t shirt to stroke her to excitement, as she kissed her neck and bit and nibbled at her ear lobes. All the while whispering sweet seductions and wanton adoration, waking Holly’s carnal desires with her inviting and beguiling words.

Holly hung her leg over the arm rest of her chair, as her tail wandered between her legs. She gripped the armrests of her favorite chair, her knuckles white with tension. She imagined Lucy’s lips, hungry for her. She imagined Lucy’s hands wandering teasingly down her belly and pulling open the buttons of her jeans.

The tip of Holly’s tail began to lap luxuriously, stroking up and down like a tongue, tracing little circles around the bud of her sensitivity. Dipping a little inside her to discover that she was very wet indeed. Holly imagined Lucy’s hand reaching under her panties and stroking, strong fingers caressing and rubbing.

Holly’s breathing became quickened and labored in her excitement, as her imaginings escalated. Her tail stroked back and forth as she thought of Lucy’s hands hand inside her panties, her fingers now creeping inside her. And Holly’s tail stroked and lapped with increasing urgency and vigor as Lucy’s lips kissed hungrily.

Holly gripped the chair harder and harder, grinding her hips and panting with increasing urgency. Until at last her body exploded in pleasure causing her to cry out loudly, as a particularly intense series of orgasms reverberated through her body.

Holly sank back into the chair, her tail still gently stroking as her body convulsed with the intensity of her orgasm. Seismic tremors of intense pleasure inundated Holly’s entire body for some time. Eventually the initial intensity of the experience began to subside, and Holly relaxed. But to her surprise she wasn’t finished yet.

With the tail still stroking, she began to fantasize about making love to Lucy. About taking her to bed and exploring the gorgeous and undiscovered secrets of her body. Tracing the line of her spine along the curve of her back with her finger tips. Fondling the swell of her buttocks, squeezing her breasts and tormenting Lucy’s nipples with her teeth.

The sweet aroma of the wonderful woman’s body recalled itself to Holly’s senses once again. Toffee, Lucy smelled like toffee.

Holly dreamt of making wonderful Lucy moan and groan and giggle with pleasure. Touching between her legs and discovering how wet with desire she was for her. Finding the sweet spot with her tongue and making the gorgeous girl pant and moan, making her cry out and convulse with orgasm after orgasm.

And then finally with the initial urgency of their ardency satisfied, sharing in the pleasures conferred by Missy Buzz Buzz between them. Running the gorgeous toy dead flat in the process, as they fucked the night away.

With the summer breeze cooling her perspiring body, Holly lingered in her favorite chair. And delving deep into fantasy she imagined being with Lucy again and again.




Sera awoke the chirping of sparrows, as they twittered their dawn chorus in the cherry blossom, which bloomed gloriously outside her bedroom window. Though her mouth was cotton dry, and her body a little stiff and sore, a bright smile of satisfaction adorned the girl’s lips. She had been having the most wonderful and curious sexy dream.

With her body still tingling and thrilling with her nocturnal orgasm, Sera snuggled into the wonderful and ample warmth of her lifelong lover’s body. Sera and Rosie had been a thing ever since they first met at school, and fate had just kept throwing them together ever since.

They had broken up with each other any number of times, during the course of their enduring but tumultuous affair. They’d both known other lovers, and even tried from time to time to go in separate directions. But for whatever reason, the universe seemed to have decided that Sera and Rosie were meant to be, weather they liked it or not.

And at present they were both more than happy to accept cupidic guidance in the matter. In fact their stormy romantic saga was enjoying something of a renaissance lately. They were both very content with where they were together, and in fact more in love than they had ever been before.

Sera and Rosie just kept on falling for one another, and in this wonderful moment, Sera felt very much in love with the girl she had always adored. And as the gorgeous and refreshing morning breeze cooled Sera’s body, she breathed in deeply, her eyes still too sleepy to open just yet.

The wonderful scent of cherry blossom and frangipani filled Sera’s senses, combining with the sweaty musk of Rosie’s still sleeping body. The girl was in dire need of a shower, but not just yet. Sera was very content to bask in her gloriously sweet and arousing scent, for a little while longer yet. In fact it was starting to make her purr with arousal, as she basked in Rosie’s presence, and the still lingering glow of her erotic dreams.

Sera’s mind wandered back to her somnambulant fantasies once again. The visual details of her carnal dream were lost to her now, but the emotional intensity of it still lingered in her thoughts. She remembered three or maybe four participants, and she was sure one of them had been Holly.

Rosie was there too of course, she always was when Sera experienced her rare but vivid sex dreams. But there had been a fourth girl in her imaginings this time, and for the life of her Sera couldn’t quite bring her completely into focus. There was a strangely indistinct kind of mystery around this fourth dream lover, and although she had been the primary participant in her fantasy, her identity was shrouded in intrigue.

Putting the beguiling mystery to one side, Sera snuggled deeper still into the luxurious comfort of Rosie’s glorious stinky warmth. Rosie was big and gorgeously buxom compared to most girls, and significantly so in comparison to Sera’s smaller frame. And Sera adored the way that she always insisted on being the little spoon in bed.

Common sense would have said that it should be the other way around, but they both very much preferred it this way. And that’s just the way they were, Rosie was by far the bigger woman, but Sera was indisputably the larger character. From their perspective it made perfect sense that the smaller girl would be the big spoon, and Sera loved to make spoons.

Rosie moaned blissfully as she awoke to Sera’s delightful cuddling. She adored it when the girl woke her with her affectionate snuggling, when Sera woke her with her love.

“Hi….” Rosie muttered sleepily but joyously.

“Hi” Sera replied snuggling closer still, her eyes still too sleepy to open.

“Did you sleep well…?” Sera added.

“Mmmm….yeah….” Rosie replied.

“….the best.”

“But I’ve got the strangest hangover, I feel all tingly and weird. My mouth feels like it’s stuffed with cotton….but no headache though.”

Sera blindly rummaged on the bedside table until her questing hand discovered a water bottle. She took a generous drink of the gorgeous liquid, before passing the pop top bottle to Rosie.


Rosie gratefully took a generous swig of water, popped the top closed and let the bottle tumble carelessly from her hand. She wriggled her hips and rib cage, to relieve the stiffness in her spine as Sera kissed the nape of her neck raising goose bumps on her flesh.

“Mmm….that’s nice…” Rosie cooed before continuing.

“How about you Apple….?”

“….did you sleep?”

Rosie’s nick name for Sera was based upon the notion, that the wonderful girl would always be the apple of her eye.

“Mmm….I had a naughty dream.” Sera disclosed wickedly.

“Ooh” Rosie chuckled “tell me all about it”

“Well…” Sera muttered as she bit Rosie’s shoulder “you were there of course, you always are”

“Mm….?” Rosie prompted.

“And you made me come sooo hard with that wonderful tongue of yours.”

Rosie giggled at Sera’s candid account as the girl licked her neck, sending shivers up her spine.

“And….” Sera hesitated.

“Yeah?” Rosie prompted again.

“And Holly was there too.” Sera confessed.

Rosie merely giggled at Sera’s disclosure. The three of them had ended up in bed together on more than one occasion, and Rosie was fine with Sera dreaming about it as well. The three of them had been best friends since high school, and had remained inseparable ever since. They were as close today as they ever had been, even more so lately.

And every once in a blue moon, maybe five or six times now, they all got a little carried away. Rosie and Sera were far more party oriented than Holly, but their best friend sometimes joined them on their adventures. And sometimes, if they were all loved up on pills or whatever, it occasionally just went that way.

None of them were interested in the complications of a triangular relationship, and they all decided after the first awkward time that it would never work out that way. But still the three of them loved one another dearly, and they were all very content for it to be a once in a while indulgence. A very occasional but wonderfully delicious treat.

It never did any harm, and it was good clean fun. And the occasional variety of it seemed to work wonders for Sera and Rosie. It kind of refreshed their libidos on those odd occasions when they all felt the urge to be together.

“And what did Holly do in you wicked little fantasy?” Rosie giggled.

“Well…” Sera replied as her hand began to cares Rosie’s breasts, tormenting her nipples to excitement.

“I can’t remember much, but I remember her going down on me, making me very happy with her tongue”

“Oh yes…” Rosie chuckled.

“….and what was I doing while Holly was making you happy?”

“You, love of my life….” Sera pinched Rosie’s nipple causing the girl to squeal in painful delight.

“….you were sitting on my face watching her….”

Sera continued to nibble and lick at the nape of Rosie’s neck.

“….while I made you happy with my tongue, and she was playing with your tits and fingering your arse.”

“She…? Who she….” Rosie asked in confusion

“….you mean Holly?”

“Nope, there was someone else too.”

“Who…?” Rosie asked.

“Don’t know” Sera replied “can’t think who she might have been.”

“So….” Rosie giggled

“….not content with fucking me and your best friend as well, you’re inventing dream lovers as well….”

“….you’re such a slut” Rosie laughed.

“Oh….” Sera gasped in mock horror, pinching Rosie’s nipple once more by way of punishment

“….you bitch”

“Ow!” Rosie giggled and wriggled under the torment of Sera’s punishment.

And at last Sera blinked open her sleepy eyes and was astonished at what she saw.

“Oh my god….” Sera gasped.

“…..Rosie, did we go to the beach yesterday?”

“Can’t remember much about yesterday….no…” Rosie replied.

“….I don’t think so, why?”

“You my lover, are as pink as a lobster.”

And as Sera sat up and rubbed sleepiness from her eyes, and the sight that she beheld sent her tumbling from the bed, screaming in terror.

Rosie sprang upright, startled into panicked wakefulness at Sera’s alarming outburst. And the sight that she beheld, propelled her from the bed and sent her huddling into the corner. With her hand camped over her mouth to stifle her horrified screams.

And when they were both finished shrieking in terror, Rosie removed her hand from her mouth and spoke.


They were both trembling in terror.

“….what are you seeing right now?”


“….your skin is bright pink…..your eyes are all black and scary looking….”

“….and you’ve got horns….growing out of your head”

Rosie’s voice was audibly tremulous with fear as she prompted Sera to continue.

“…what else?”

“You’ve got a tail, a great big long tail.” Sera whispered in fear.

“Rosie, you’ve turned into a devil!”

Rosie attempted to lean forwards but discovered that in her panic, one of the horns Sera described had pierced the plasterboard wall and stuck fast.

“Sera…?” Rosie spoke as calmly and gently as she could.

“Um…these horns. Is one of them stuck in the wall?”

“Mmmm….” Sera muttered and nodded her head in shock, with her hands clamped tightly over her mouth to prevent further outburst.

Rosie wrenched herself free and crept cautiously on all fours to the edge of the bed. Staring wide eyed and suddenly very much awake, at the devilish form of Sera as she cowered against their wardrobe door.

“Okay” she uttered in her panic.

“So we’re seeing the same thing.”

“What…the actual….fuck!”

Sera held her trembling hands before her, and saw that her skin was just as pink as Rosie’s. Her hands then crept timidly to her forehead, until her fingers discovered the rigidity of her horns.

“Okay….” Sera’s voice quavered with fear

“…..so I’m still dreaming….?”

“Don’t….think so…?” Rosie replied, abject terror obvious in her voice.


More soon
Thank you for reading

Whippoorwill X


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