The Tentacles Of Creation, a weird erotic horror both monstrous and demonic

The existence of the demon and of the succubus in particular, is an empty and hollow thing. Trust my words when I tell you, that to abide perpetually in state of urgent desire and ceaseless lust, is barren and desolate beyond endurance. Constantly at craving to fulfil a carnal and wanton appetite, that will never know satiety.

Always the urgency of salacious need, and then the slaking of ones furnace, only to find the inferno blazing anew mere moments after blessed release. But do I not have a heart that yearns for freedom, a soul that desires peace, loathsome demon that I am. Do I not possess a mind which craves the quiet of satisfaction, and harbors hope for a better way of being?

For I would rebel against my wicked nature, I would free myself from this constant need for the sustenance of mortal souls. I would know other than the seduction of minds, the beguiling of hearts and the temptation of flesh.

I would stand in insurrection against the slavery of demonhood, here upon the scorched and barren plains of hell itself. Had I the means, I would tear this wicked hunger from myself, and cast it in defiance before the dark one itself.

But it is not the hollow salvation of the king of kings that I seek, for the angelic heart is just as much in chains as that of the demon. And the word of the light one is just as much a prison for the mind, as the whispers of temptation and sin. And nor do I seek mortality either, for to live in unascended brutality, knowing both the curse of damnation and the blessing of heaven both, seems to me a torment worse than any.

I would walk a different path, I would know a different way of being entirely. Free from chains of any sort, be they demonic or angelic or human. And I believe that such a thing, such a blasphemous and sacrilegious miracle is indeed possible.

Now there is a place which in the lore of our kind, is spoken of in hushed tones and secret whispers. A place forbidden by the very rulers of heaven and hell themselves, a place that I would know and whose secrets I would uncover. Even though its existence might be nothing more than myth. And regardless also of the ruin which always comes stalking, after those who delve too deep into its secrets.

For those hushed unholy whispers tell of a place, where the ascended being might find liberation. Free from the realms of the demonic and the angelic, and spared even from the torment of humanity.

So delve I did into that forbidden lore, and by chance I was not observed. And the sacrilegious secrets of that place, rendered themselves unto me. By diligent study and fearless questing into secret and sacrilegious lore, I learnt the truth of that other place. It is a place between worlds, between all the demonic, mortal and heavenly realms. Belonging to none and separate from all, a realm as small as a whisper and as vast as a universe.

A realm with one inhabitant, a most curious and beguiling being that has existed since long before time. The secrets say that it is a flowering arboreal entity, quite unlike anything else in all creation. A flower, deathless and unspeakably ancient, but a flower of life, a flower of love.

For indeed in that hidden place, dwells the flower of creation. That which will endure long after all else has withered, even after the stars themselves are faded to nothing. That which is the very progenitor of all that has lived or will ever know creation.

And should the hushed secrets of its nature be correct, then for me it is a flower of hope. For the forbidden tomes tell, that it is an entity so perfect that its affections are sufficient, to satisfy the lusts of even the most wanton demon, and calm the relentless maelstrom which boils deep within the wickedest of the wicked.

But further, the forbidden books tell that this entity might even bring about the impossible. That it can grant the gift of creation, even to those entities of the demon and angelic realms. Those beings who are barren and bereft, brought into creation not by birth but by supernatural incarnation.

But before long my delving was discovered, and the hounds of hades were released. My name upon their snarling lips, and my ruin their sole hearts desire. And although the wicked denizens of hell pursued me every step of the way, I found my way to that secret and forbidden place.

The pursuit was long and arduous, and I fought many savage and titanic battles against those who meant my ruin and uncreation. But by talon and fang and beating wing, I tore and rent through my foes, and flew from the desolation of damnation.

And where I entered not a single demon had the heart to come after me, and drag me for my transgression back to hell.

It was at first to my perceptions an inky black barren void. Although I discovered that I could see perfectly well despite that blackness, if only for a short distance. It was as though my presence was as a sphere of light, within a vast eternity of deepest darkness. And although the chamber appeared empty, I was fully aware that there was another intelligence there besides me.

And so I lay cast in that place, exhausted and entirely spent after my flight from hells teeth. And the entity that dwelt within that queer place, communed with my mind. And although I heard or understood no spoken word, that creature did indeed make its disposition towards me known.

First it brought calm to my terrified heart, and brought ease to my much overexerted demonic frame. And I was sure that I had experienced a communication of curiosity and enquiry, though not marked by any hostility whatsoever. It appeared that the darkness did not regard me as an intruder, nor unwelcome in any way.

So I rose to my feet and spoke unto that darkened chamber, and in the demonic tongue I made my appeal.

“I seek asylum….” I cried.

“….I seek the sanctuary of this place.”

“I seek succour from the demonic lusts and torments, which burn always in my being.”

“I seek release from my eternal damnation….”

“….if such is yours to grant.”

“And if it be your will.”

And again without a single spoken word, I knew that this gift of liberation was within the entities ability. And indeed that it was perfectly willing to grant this blessing without condition of any sort. So thus emboldened I continued my appeal.

“But there is more I seek of you….”

“….I seek to break the chains of barren demonhood….”

“….I seek to free myself from the slavery of incarnation….”

“….I would be a bearer of life, just as mortals are.”

“I would create flesh of my own flesh, to cherish, to nurture and adore. I would create flesh of my own flesh….”

“….and also of yours.”

“Here in this forbidden place, I would know the secrets of creation.”

And the only communion of thought I experienced from that point on, was that of gladness and of bliss. And although it was entirely alien to my ashen and demonic heart at first, I came in time to understand that the entity spoke to me, in its wordless way….

….of the sacred and astounding mystery of love.

Not love born of lust and hunger, as is the way of Hell, nor born of suffering and sacrifice, as is the way of heaven. Nor even of born of fear, desperation and loneliness, as is the way with mortal kind, who know the torments of both these realms.

Love, a thing unknown and unknowable, a thing entirely forbidden to those of my kind. Not the empty and hollow love of the angelic host, nor the burning carnal lust borne by demon kind, nor the frail and limp love known to mortal hearts either.

The entity spoke to my soul and to my mind of the love of new creation, of love sibylline and prophetic, and gloriously apocalyptic. A love that would stand in insurrection against all of creation. That would burn away all that had turned sour and rotten, and bring about a new and sacred cycle of reality.

And then a tendril or perhaps more properly a tentacle, emerged from the inky depths. It crept towards me cautiously so as not to cause me alarm, a gentle gesture wholly unfamiliar and astonishing to my mind. And when that tentacle had drawn near, a flower more gorgeous than I had ever seen, even upon the mortal realm emerged.

The bloom lingered before me, beguiling my ashen heart and wicked mind with dreams of beauty and of bliss. And I sensed that I was meant to take its scent, and so I did.

And such a universe of ecstasy was revealed to me, when I first experienced the aromatic wonders of the blossom of creation. What miracles did my mind’s eye perceive, and what untold pleasures did my living flesh and blood receive? And that husk of ash and smouldering embers, that thing which is my demonic heart.

At once it came alive and sang, and the music was that of creation. A breath of fresh life swept through the desolate wasteland, of my damned and tormented soul. And life sprang forth also in that queer realm, and those tendrils which were more properly called tentacles, crept forth from all about.

And as I reeled and stumbled in stupefied wonder, at that sacred and hallowed scent, I found myself caught as I fell, and kept safe from harm. Safe as I had never known before, protected entirely like some cherished or worthy thing.

And those gentle and powerful tentacles, entangled me in wondrous bliss. For their touch was so gentle and so gorgeously unyielding and so firm. And the touch of their flesh against mine, was a wondrous sensation beyond description. Not even in the demonic tongue, whose syntax is the very definition of sensual suffering and pleasure.

Oh the bliss, as those gorgeous tentacles coiled themselves all about my body, and I submitted my limbs entirely to their embrace.

And those tentacles did bare me aloft, even unto the gorgeous beating heart of that forbidden and sacred realm.

And more flowers of creation, their glory a paradise to behold sprung forth in bloom all about me, and bathed me entirely in their wondrous scent. And as that scent permeated every part of my being, I felt the demonic curse of insatiable craving fail and give way before something new.

Something powerful and glorious. A sensation which seemed to simultaneously caress and soothe, all the senses and perceptions that might be given name. A sensation which was at once inflamed arousal, yearning lingering in indulgence, and satiety and fulfilment all combined.

That raging inferno which sears the soul of all demon kind, was at once inundated and overwhelmed by desire of a different sort. For this was an ocean of sensuality, which might storm and boil ferociously, but which might also know the still winds and calm of fulfilment. This was a lust that might know relief and release, not the ever burning fury of a demons lust.

And as the scent conquered all within myself against which I had rebelled, I was incarnated anew. The stygian blackness of that realm became as velvet and as silk, and the sensual stimulation which overwhelmed my entire being, was a wonder beyond comprehension.

Those tentacles which coiled themselves about my arms and my legs, and my waist and my throat, bore me aloft in rapture. Squirming and wriggling most delightfully upon my new born flesh, as they raised me deeper and deeper into that wondrous darkness.

And blooms of different varieties appeared before me, and delighted my senses such as I had never imagined possible. Blooms became as eyes, which gazed into my own with such adoration and affectionate desire, that it filled my soul entirely with bliss.

And others became as mouths which bestowed their kisses upon my lips and upon every inch of my my trembling flesh. Their gorgeous tongues seeking every fissure and vein of delight in my body, and flooding my senses with joy.

And there in that dark realm I gave myself to the wondrous bondage and domination, of the tentacles of creation. And there I discovered the truth of true paradise and the hidden reality of the first and last Eden.

And then those tentacles parted my legs, and their impossibly arousing tips began to stroke and lap most gorgeously. Arousing my sex to such glorious heights of sensuality, that I felt my being would surely fail under their firm and gentle affection.

And then a tentacle such as I had not seen before, presented itself before my eyes. And that entity communed with me as if seeking acquiescence or perhaps complicity. And such a majestic and wondrous passion had the bloom inspired deep within me, that I gave that permission readily and without let.

And indeed that approval was given more in tones of pleading than of approval. For my newly awakened heart and reborn flesh, were filled to overflowing to know the gorgeous secrets, of that flower of creation.

And with conspiracy agreed upon, that tentacle began to lap luxuriously against my starving and copiously lubricious cunt. Awaking my hungry lips and stimulating the stiffness of my bud, such as they have never, ever been awakened or stimulated before.

And then that tentacle began to enter me, parting my hungry lips and slowly nudging its way deeper and deeper. Expanding and growing so as to fill my lust to perfection. Pulsing and throbbing so gorgeously, that tremors of joyous delight set my flesh to trembling and inspired convulsive bliss almost immediately.

And then it began to move as if back and forth inside me, most gorgeously. Although that wondrous tentacle did not exit my sex at all, for more properly it was the relentless and urgent pulsations of that appendage, which gave the sensation of thrusting.

For how long I dwelt within that gorgeous and forbidden rapture, I cannot truly say. For the creation blooms otherworldly love, was as much resident in dream or fantasy, as it was born of the wanton sensuality of flesh.

Perhaps I was suspended in that glory for hours, perhaps for days or even for centuries. It was an eternity of bliss, an unforgettable era of endless satisfaction wherein reality became as but a dream.

And then the pulsations of that tentacle became so urgent and so frantic, that I felt the vessel of my sanity might capsize, in that raging ocean of unfathomable pleasure. Until at last that wondrous tentacle exploded to full blood, deep within my body and my soul.

And that release was as the exploding of a supernova, it was as the birth of a galaxy, and as the dying whisper of a cosmos ended. And what rapture and revelation burst into gorgeous being deep within me.

For in that blissfully cataclysmic orgasm, was carried the very gift of creation. And the miracle of it began with my own flesh and blood.

The tentacles gently lowered my euphoria wracked body, down upon a bed of comfort and fulfilment. And the flower of creation soothed and blessed my convulsions, with its gentle and adoring caress. Enfolding me entirely in comfort and in joy, and binding me entirely in freedom.

And for ever after I dwelt in that queer place, under the care and protection of that entity. Even as it sustained me through my first creation, through my first pregnancy.

And so it was by the womb of flesh made new, and the seed of the blossom of creation, that a saviour was born. Created of a demon who had forsaken not only her own flesh, but both angelic and mortal flesh as well. And thus born again and beholden to none of the outer realms, and given the gift of creation by creation itself. A creature of a different blood did I bring into being.

And those hushed and whispered legends, which are written as prophesies, within forbidden secret tomes came true.


And a being of other flesh will emerge from the very womb of creation, and desolation and ruin will it bring. To the kingdom of heaven, the pits of hell and even unto the mortal garden.

And with its siblings numbering as legion, it will eradicate the ancient flesh and supplant it with the new.

The kingdom will be incinerated to ash, and the eternal flames of the pit will be quenched. God will fall and Lucifer will fail, and even the garden of humanity will be brought to utter ruin.

And the sins of the father, the failings of the fallen son, and the wretchedness of humanity, for such has it become, will be punished and eradicated by creations begotten child.

Time will stop and death will die and eternity will begin once more.


The End
Thank you for reading

Whippoorwill X


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