Secrets of the Succubus Revealed, an excerpt from ‘Hidden Secrets of the Daemonic Realm’

by witch summoner Elspeth Fairfawn


Let me tell you now dear reader, and delver into forbidden and blasphemous mysteries, of that most wondrous and beguiling of creatures, the Succubus. The summoning of these beings is most assuredly a difficult and perilous undertaking. For the Succubus is the most wilful and wanton being in the entire daemonic realm. Haughty and wayward, lustful and ravenous for the souls of mortal people.

Although they may appear and vanish from the world without any discernible pattern of visitation with apparent ease, they are notoriously difficult to summon. But I will elucidate for you here, the manner in which I have succeeded in the safe conjuration of these beings.

First mark you the floor of your laboratory with a harlot’s binding circle, for it is within this sigil that they will appear. Next cast you a goddess ring upon the floor, but cast it true and unbroken, for this will be your bulwark against harm. Now take care to align the spirit and mind runes of both sigils, so that they intersect correctly, or you will otherwise surely come to bodily grief.

Finally encircle the entire arrangement within a great summoning wheel, replete with all the devices and tokens of domination which you know.

Now set a brazier upon the point at which the harlot’s mark and the goddess ring intersect, at the glyph of the slut and the beast. Heat a mixture of wild Argonass, philtred tincture of Helion essence and most critically, a single drop of the blood of a rampant and aroused Puck.

Recite the summoning song, as reproduced in the appendices of this tome, and ready yourself for the most confronting and overwhelming daemonic encounter you will ever know. I recommend Wytch Adept Seraphina’s coupling preparation, for the stamina and endurance it confers. For should you elect to partake of the singular pleasures of the Succubus, you mortal frame will be tested to the utmost limits.

But know you first that you will see the creature as it truly is, its enchantments and glamours will have no effect, provided you have marked the ground correctly. And the physical presence of the Succubus revealed, is curious and at first blush, shocking indeed.

Great horns they have, talons and claws which are wicked sharp. And an agile and probing tail as well do they possess. But also the hidden secret of the demon beast will be revealed.

Now, many mistakenly suppose that these creatures may be separated into Succubus and Incubus, quite distinct from one another. This is not the case, there is only one order of succubus, and it possesses in full measure all the attributes necessary to please any living soul. No matter what the sex or inclination of sensual gratification.

The glamor that they cast disguises this in natural visitations, and they come to their victim in the guise of a long lost lover, or a sweetheart departed and sorely missed. But you by your summoning will witness the true and accurate bearing of the daemon.

Many a summoner is repelled and disgusted at this revelation, but I for one delight in it. Though I myself vigorously eschew the feeble little limb of men, I have on several blissful occasions permitted my furrow to be ploughed by the glory of the Succubi. And most supremely pleasing have I found it to be. Though in truth I much prefer the lapping of their forked tongues and the caresses of their nimble and articulate tails.

But prepare yourself well ahead of time before you embark upon this adventure, for several days of bedridden recovery. For such is the relentless and wanton carnal appetites of the Succubus, that you will be entirely spent for days after the encounter.

And also make ready healing and mending ointments, to soothe the lacerations their frenzied and lustful claws will leave upon your flesh.

And by way of a final word on this matter, might I say. There are those of zealous nature and puritanical mind, such as that infamous meddler Celestina Blackwood, who will sneer and pour scorn should your summoning adventures become known. To this I say a curse upon them, for none ought dare to mock or judge the predilections of another.

Damn their sneers and heed their prudishness not. For if you find as I, that the pleasures conferred by this singular demon are attuned to your desires, then have your way until your hearts content.


May your binding wheel be unbroken, and your summoning song complete.


The End
Thank you for reading

Whippoorwill X


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