I Love My Horns, a devilishly erotic tale of queer supernatural romance

Part One
The Morning After


Holly lay sprawled in the tangled wreckage of her bedclothes, occasionally groaning and smacking her parched lips. As hangovers went this was pretty mild but kind of odd too, strangely pleasant in a way she couldn’t quite put her finger on. It just felt weird, not as painful or toxic as her hangovers usually felt.

But still, she must have overdone it quite a bit last night, her mind was just as much of a tangled mess as her bed. Holly couldn’t remember much yet, she knew she’d gone out with her best friends Sera and Rosie, but that was about it. Although she did vaguely recall taking pills, wicked looking little red pills.

Holly’s mouth was arid and her body was a little stiff and sore, but she also felt a remarkable sensation of weightlessness. It was the most curious feeling, a little like soaking in a hot bath or more like floating in warm ocean water. The overall sensation was one of sedation or maybe anesthesia rather than hang over. It had to be the pills still working their way through her system.

But whatever the case it didn’t feel bad exactly, and that was hunky dory with Holly. Whatever the sensation was, it was making her skin tingle rather deliciously. And she smiled with delight, at stretching out her arms and legs, and wiggling her fingers and toes. And much to her surprise, instead of the usual post binge guilt and remorse, Holly felt wonderfully light hearted and joyous.

She gradually blinked open her sleepy eyes, only to discover that her vision seemed slightly off….

….kind of distorted. And no matter how much she tried to clear her eyes, everything looked hazy and somehow….

….brighter maybe? It was as though she were viewing the world in soft focus or something, everything just looked a little prettier. But strangely contrasted too, and bright. A little too bright for comfort.

Mercifully the blinds were drawn. Admitting the light of day and the fresh morning air, but excluding the rising suns fierce glare.

“Mmm….what time is it…?” Holly moaned aloud.

She groped around on her bedside table for her phone, finding it connected to its charging cable. Struggling to focus made her vision swim, but eventually Holly made out the time….

….and the date.

“Holy hell…” She mumbled.

“….its Sunday”

Holly put down the phone and sank back into her bed, somewhat puzzled. The last thing she remembered was going out on Friday night, and now it was Sunday?


“….it can’t be.”

Holly groped about once again, this time questing for a water bottle. And to her great relief she found one.

Holly reflected that she must have taken something truly dire at the club, she vaguely remembered taking more than one of those wicked little red pills. In fact she remembered taking quite a few. Although she didn’t do pills often, Holly certainly wasn’t shy about cutting loose every once in a while. But only if she knew she had the time to recover.

“A day….” she muttered in confusion.

“….how the hell could I lose an entire day?”

Holly attempted to search her memory for clues, but quickly gave up. She was far too discombobulated, and her memory too blurry and chaotic to think clearly for the time being. And her mind was still fuzzy and vague with sleep.

Holly made to swing her legs out of bed and sit up, but she discovered that her body was far too fatigued to attempt the feat with any success just yet.

“God….” she mumbled

“….I must have danced like a demon.”

Holly popped the top off her bottle, and gratefully drank the refreshingly cool water. She rummaged around for the painkillers she kept in her bedside draw and popped two. She lay on her belly and lazily stretched her body. Between her legs was tender and her breasts were sore as if…

‘….was I….with someone…?’

‘….did I get laid…?’

Holly tried to remember something, anything from the weekend, but drew a complete blank. And as she lay there attempting to resuscitate her memory, Holly’s phone emitted a strange tone she hadn’t heard before, like a delighted sigh or sexy moan.

She inspected the device and discovered that she had a new message. She tapped on the icon and navigated to the new text message.

Hi Holly Thnx for Sat. Best day in yrs. Lucy. Related image


Holly searched her memory, but to no avail.

“….who the hell is Lucy?”

I don’t know anyone named Lucy….

….was this Lucy the one she had been with…?

….the message suggested so.

This was new and slightly uncomfortable territory for Holly. She didn’t take careless risks with her emotions, and she wasn’t the kind of person who could have sex without a strong emotional spark. Holly had never been casual about making love. Even on those odd occasions when she went a little mad with her affections, it was never with anyone she didn’t actually care for.

And she had fallen into bed with Sera and Rosie a handful of times, but that was different. That was like best friends forever deciding to be fuck buddies, just for one night. Nothing serious, it was just a thing that happened sometimes, it was just how they were together. But this was different, and it was unsettling because she couldn’t remember.

Eventually Holly replied.

Thanks 🙂

Holly couldn’t stand not knowing who Lucy was. If they had made love, and judging from her body they must have made quite a lot of love, then Lucy must have been something else. Holly wanted desperately to know who this Lucy was. The mystery was a little unnerving, but kind of exiting also. Throwing caution to the wind she sent a new message.

Want 2 meet 4 coffee?

Holly waited for the reply which popped up moments later.

Sure. Lunch meeting 2 day maybe afternoon?

Holly replied.

Ok. ru in the city?


Let me know when you’re done. We’ll meet up.

Cool Related image

What was that emoji Lucy used? It looked like a little horned devil face, kind of cute. Holly noticed that Lucy had sent her an attachment with her last message. She opened it and discovered a selfie.

She recognized her own image, she looked kind of wasted but happy as a lark.


“….oh my god” the girl next to her.

Was that Lucy?

She was gorgeous. She had pale skin and black hair with the fringe sitting just above sexy well defined eyebrows, with ruby lips making a wolfish smile.

Wow. Was that who she had spent her weekend with?

Holly’s confusion and trepidation about the weekend’s events now turned to excitement and anticipation. Between the thankfully not creepy or weird text messages and the selfie, Lucy seemed perfectly normal….

….and hot.

Now Holly was interested, and she couldn’t wait to meet this Lucy again.

Little Red Pills


Holly propped her phone up on the bedside table with the image still open. She lay on her side and sipped at her water, the summer breeze from the window pleasantly caressing and soothing, her still tingling skin.

The light seemed weird today, maybe it was smoggy outside. The daylight creeping through her window seemed to have a sort of pink hue. No, that wasn’t right. The light seemed to make her skin look very pink. Holly’s bedroom walls were painted a pale dusty rose, and her curtains were a muted magenta, but the light diffusing through the window was clearly normal. It had to be a trick of the light.


Maybe she had gotten sunburnt, or maybe she was still tripping as the little red pills worked their way through her system. Yeah that was the most likely, it had to be some odd hallucinatory effect from the pills. Her body sure felt like it was tripping.

Holly resigned herself to the fact that she’d just have to wait for it to pass. What else could she do, go to the emergency room? And say what?

“Hi, I pushed a whole load of bad pills through my face last night….”

“….and now I’m tripping off my tits….”

“Oh, and by the way……”

“….I appear to have blacked out for a whole day.”

The pain killers were starting to work now, and Holly began to feel much better. As she lay sleepily in her bed, her mind began to wander dreamily. Images and the briefest snapshot memories from the lost weekend began to appear in her mind.

Holly remembered going to the Barracuda Club with her best friends, Sera and, Rosie. It was Holly’s last day at Telco. She had accepted a huge redundancy package and wanted to celebrate leaving the ineptly run telecommunications company.

Telco had been her first proper job. She had started in a lowly part time position while she was still at school but quickly made an impression.

Holly excelled in every position she took and had advanced rapidly. She had finished up as a project consultant, and was highly respected for her ability to bring clarity and focus to project groups, that found themselves floundering.

Holly didn’t think of herself as particularly clever, but she did have a knack for clearly seeing the quickest route to the best outcome. She’d come a long way, since finishing school.

Telco however was a mindless lumbering giant of a corporation with a skill for thoughtlessly wasting talent. When Holly’s current team was needlessly broken up, she found herself overlooked for reassignment and eligible a for a redundancy package.

But more importantly it was a way out of her contract. She’d outgrown her position some time ago, and she was eager to seek out a more fulfilling and challenging role. And this had been her best way out.

It had been a resourcing error really. Holly would have had no problem moving onwards and upwards at Telco, there were plenty of departments that would snap her up. But after seven years of service and at her pay grade, she stood to make out like a bandit. And she managed to slip out of her contract, when they erroneously failed to reassign her.

The consultancy experience she had built up with Telco, could take her anywhere. She didn’t know yet where that would be, but she was excited to find out. This was a welcome reboot of her career, and the world was a big place.

There were tears on her last day for sure, she had made a lot of friends and would miss them all. But she walked away from her job feeling free, and justifiably excited about her prospects. And she had wanted to celebrate in a big way.

Holly’s memories were beginning to load, now that her mind was starting to relax. She remembered drinks after work, and slipping away early to meet her best friends Sera and Rosie. She remembered the three of them going to the Barracuda Bar, to get the real party started.

And as her memory began to reboot, she remembered drinking and dancing. And laughing a hell of a lot, as the stress of the last seven years of corporate career building melted away.

There was a great band at the Barracuda that night. Grinding guitars and pounding drums, driving powerful rhythms. And a kick ass vocalist with a voice like an angel who smoked too much.

Sera had got them all something a little special to celebrate Holly’s liberation from corporate hell. Those wicked looking little red pills that seemed to have disagreed with her. Sera usually had a talent for finding the best pills, but nobody’s perfect. Holly remembered taking whatever it was, but the rest from there, aside from Lucy’s selfie was still blurry for now.

Holly rearranged her pillows, making herself more comfortable. She could smell scent on the pillow, scent not her own. It was strangely familiar and a little arousing, a pleasant and exciting scent that conjured vaguely nostalgic feelings.

Arousing feelings.

It smelt like toffee….


The olfactory prompt resuscitated Holly’s memory a little.

“….Lucy smelt like toffee….”

And as the scent awakened her emotional memories, a little of her recollection returned as well. And slowly Holly’s mind became a little clearer.

She recalled a dark, kind of mysterious girl approaching her at the bar. She remembered striking up a conversation and laughing….

….laughing a lot.

The mystery girl was funny and engaging. She remembered drinking far too much, but having a wild time with Sera and Rosie, and then Lucy as well. She remembered dancing with the girl….

….she remembered sexy and serpentine….


‘Was that Lucy….?’

‘’….oh god, I hope so.’

More detailed emotional and visual memories started to clarify in Holly’s mind now. She remembered having a great time, with all four of them dancing together. She remembered feeling unusually free and at ease, not her usual self conscious Holly self.

She remembered how she felt with Lucy, it must have been Lucy. The girl was oh so sexy, but kind of dangerous, or maybe intimidating in a strange way. Kind of out of the ordinary in a way Holly couldn’t define. The best analogy she could think of, was that being near her was like petting a tame tiger.

But she also remembered her fears quickly melting away, and getting comfortable with Lucy….

….very comfortable.

Holly remembered that Sera and Rosie seemed to adore the newcomer. Her friends could usually be relied on to guide her away from danger, on the rare occasions when Holly was out of control. But if there was anything odd about Lucy, then neither of them saw it. In fact she remembered them all getting on like long lost friends reunited.

Holly remembered the group leaving the Barracuda and hopping from club to club until they ended up at the Hellfire Bar. Sera and Rosie both loved the Hellfire, but it was usually a little too edgy for Holly.  Too dark, too butch, too much leather. She much preferred the relaxed indie feel of the Barracuda.

But that night she remembered being in the right frame of mind, to enjoy the Hellfire. She remembered Rosie’s pills being great, at the time at least. And she remembered taking more than just one or two….

….maybe too many….

….yeah, too many.

Holly’s memory of Lucy was starting to clarify now, the mystery girl was becoming increasingly real in her mind.

And the next memory brought a blush to Holly’s cheeks and butterflies to her belly. She remembered resting on the couches at the back of the club, exhausted but still drinking and buzzing with the pills.

She remembered getting a little carried away. She remembered kissing Lucy in the heat and the noise, and the hedonistic swelter of the Hellfire club.

She remembered leaving and the group going back to her loft apartment. It was coming back to her now. She remembered more music and dancing, more drinking and fooling around.

And Holly remembered taking Lucy to bed.

She remembered slowly unbuttoning, she remembered naked.

“Oh wow.”

Oh yeah, it was all coming back to her now.

Emotional memories thrilled Holly’s body and visual images excited her mind. She remembered lips and hot breath. She remembered perspiration and hoarse panting.

Holly remembered…




She had been with Lucy, and it was mind blowing. She remembered a deluge of pleasure engulfing her body and inundating her heart and mind, again and again. So intense, so overwhelming.

Holly’s body thrilled at the recollection, and the same heat and hunger she had felt with Lucy welled up in her once again.

Holly lingered on the luxurious memories. Diving naked with Lucy into an ocean of unbearable pleasure. Holy dwelt on her visions of the two together, until finally excitement overcame her.



Holly’s fingers wandered between her legs, and discovered that she was already wet with arousal. She sighed luxuriously as she moved her fingers in little circles, playing with her clit. Her blood thrilling with excitement and her heart racing with memories of Lucy.

She reached into her bedside table draw for her vibe, missy buzz buzz she called her. She switched the toy on, placed it between her legs and remembered Lucy’s body and hers together. She remembered the intense emotional and physical profundity of the encounter, Lucy had been so dominant, so commanding but also attentive and adoring with her affection.

Holly nearly exploded right away at the memory, but she held back and breathed deeply to prolong the experience.

Finally Holly rolled over onto her back, and immediately started in fright.


She panicked, nearly jumping out of her skin in terror. Something alien in the tangle of bedclothes had brushed against her leg.

Holly jumped upright crying out in alarm and throwing back the sheets. There was a snake, right there in the bed.


She spun round to evade the serpent, but it spun right round with her. She spun the other way and again it leapt after her. Holly jumped up out of bed in fright but the thing sprang straight out of bed after her.

Holly spun this way and that, screaming as she tried to evade the serpent.

Tumbling awkwardly to the floor she finally caught the thing by what she hoped was its neck. And panting and gasping in desperate fright she held tightly to the thing. In her panic, she couldn’t think what else to do.

The snake didn’t struggle, or move to attack her or even try to escape. In fact it did not move at all, so she knelt on the floor gasping desperately as she gripped the anomalous serpent.

Slowly Holly’s initial panic began to subside and she cautiously inspected the thing. She ran her fingers along its length, still gripping its head tightly.

Her fingers quested further and further along the length of the object. And realization began to dawn in Holly’s mind.

It was not a snake…

…it was a tail.

A big long pink tail.

Protruding from the base of her spine where her coccyx should be. A pink tail with an arrow head shaped growth at the tip.

Holly began to laugh maniacally.

A tail. She had a tail.

A great big long tail, just like a cartoon devil.

“Oh god…! Oh god…!” she panted desperately.

“Okay….I must be tripping still.”

Holly remained on her bedroom floor, valiantly attempting to catch her breath, and to suppress her panic, still clutching her tail.

“The pills….t must be the pills.”

Whatever Sera had given her, must have been potent.  Holly told herself that she was just hallucinating, and tried very hard indeed to believe it.

She knelt on her bedroom rug and watched the thing.


So this was why she had lost a whole day, whatever she had taken Friday night was obviously far too powerful for her, and her mind had crashed.

“Okay, I’m just tripping….”

“….this isn’t real.”

She experimented with willing the thing to sway back and forth, and to her further shock it responded to her command.

She sat where she had fallen in her fright, making the tail sway back and forth as she giggled maniacally. Holly put her hands to her face and began to rub her eyes. Maybe if she concentrated she could shift the lingering hallucination. She moved her hands upwards to rub her forehead. Then across to massage her temples.

And to her shock Holly discovered strange objects protruding from either side of her skull. Odd little knobby growths.

Holly’s alarm had grown so intense that she now felt oddly calm.


“…I’m growing horns too.”

“All right Holly….” she admonished herself rather sternly.

“Pull your shit together…..this is a hallucination. You don’t have a tail and you are not growing horns. You’re tripping off your tits but everything is fine.”

Holly dared to look down at her body, and fresh waves of panic battered her mind once again.

“Oh god! Oh god! I’m pink. Pink as a lobster.”


“No I’m not….I’m fine. I’m just tripping.”

Holly stood up unsteadily, she closed her eyes and took deep long breaths until she felt relatively stable. She tried her best to ignore the tail as it idly swayed back and forth. She opened her eyes again, fully expecting reality to have reasserted itself.

But no such luck.

“Okay” she reasoned “if I stay calm and wait for the pills to wear off, I’ll be fine….”

“….coffee. I need coffee.”

Holly put on her favorite silk gown, took a deep breath and ventured from the sanctuary of her bedroom.

Holly used the little guest bathroom which lacked a mirror instead of the main bathroom, she couldn’t face her reflection just yet. God knows what terrors her reflection might reveal.

She made her way to the kitchen, set coffee percolating on the stove and stood quietly, idly inspecting the pinkness of her body as she waited. It was weird but she was kind of comfortable with the tail, if it was real it would actually be kind of cool.

Awkward but cool.

As her coffee brewed she speculated about her wardrobe, what clothes would accommodate a tail and what colors would go with her pink skin. Considering the problem in mundane and practical terms, seemed to ease the distress of her apparent predicament.

Holly’s fingers idly quested to her temples, and she experienced yet another resurgence of panic. Her horns had grown significantly from the nobly little things they were, they must be at least six inches long now.

She withdrew her hand, not able to deal with the hallucination. She stared out her kitchen window at the city high rise buildings. They were beautiful in the light of the rising sun. She tried to ignore her delusions and concentrated on the hissing and gurgling of the coffee pot, and the view out of her window.

It was a hallucination. Just her drug affected imagination gone a little haywire.

Wasn’t it?

But it was just so damned real.

Holly realized that she was articulating the tail in concert with her state of mind. She was making it sway and twitch nervously.

The realization began to dawn on her that this in fact was not a hallucination.

“This is real.”

“This is…”

“….my tail.”

Queer associations began now to coalesce in Holly’s mind, vague and hazy recollections of weird revelations. The stranger from the bar, she had something to do with this.

Just who in the hell was Lucy…

….and what the fuck had she done?

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