The New Tenant, an erotic pulp horror romance

Part One
Esmerelda Peña


The new tenant had moved into the apartment across the way, maybe two or three weeks ago. For some reason Emily O’Halloran couldn’t quite pin down, it was difficult to be precise about exactly when she had arrived. Had it been weeks already? Or was it just days, or maybe….

‘You’ve been working too hard lately, Em….’

‘….you’re starting to lose it.’

Emily had heard the movers, lugging the new tenant’s belongings into the long vacant rooms. And she had even caught a glimpse of her once or twice. But somehow Emily could never quite recall exactly what she looked like, even though she had seen the girls face through her peephole on several occasions. She always seemed to be in the shadows.

‘Even when there aren’t any shadows’

‘You really need to learn how to take it easy Em….’

‘….exhaustion’s getting on top of you.’

It was just so weird, as if she were somehow out of focus, or maybe blurred in contrast to the rest of reality. Like she wasn’t exactly present in the here and now, in the same acute and mundane way that ordinary people are. It sounded insane to think about someone in those kind of terms, but the impression was quite distinct. The world just seemed to get kind of, weirdly fuzzy when the new tenant was around.

‘Maybe you just need new glasses….’

And Emily managed to convince herself, that the anomalies she had been experiencing, were simply down to fatigue. From studying far too intensively, and not sleeping nearly well enough. Her curiosity however, still managed to get the better of her.

A little snooping through the mailboxes, had revealed that the woman’s name was Esmerelda Peña. But beyond this Emily O’Halloran could glean little information about her. And as for the neighbours, no one seemed to have even noticed the arrival, of the mysterious new tenant.

This Esmerelda, or whoever she was only seemed to be active during the night, never leaving the apartment during daylight hours. All day long Emily wouldn’t hear so much as a peep from the apartment across the way. Although in some strange way she could somehow feel that she was there. Like she could sense her presence.

And if that wasn’t eerie enough, then Emily began to experience the strangest sensation. The feeling or maybe the suspicion that the new girl was….not exactly watching her, but aware of her in a way which….

….well, which just felt….


Not entirely….


It was the strangest thing, but it wasn’t creepy or anything. It felt a little like nostalgia or maybe a kind of pleasing melancholia. Or like that slightly creepy but not unpleasant sensation, of seeing something out of the corner of your eye, and then realizing that there was nothing there after all.

It was almost hypnotic in its intensity sometimes, and it was curiously warm in some sense. And actually kind of exciting, a little seductive and mysterious. But there was a dimension to the feeling that was a slightly unsettling as well, the kind of feeling one gets when in the proximity of a wild animal.

‘A dangerous animal….’

The feeling eventually grew so compelling, that it became something of a fascination. And before she was even aware of it, Emily had even become a little obsessed.

Every time Esmerelda left the apartment Emily would race to the door, trying to catch a glimpse of her shadowed presence before she disappeared. And then, standing for hours on end, heedless of the passage of time, she would stare through the peephole. Hoping to catch a glimpse of her when she returned. Emily soon found herself impossibly distracted and falling way behind in her thesis.

Emily knuckled down and made a concerted effort, to concentrate on her studies. That helped, and thank god for that. She’d taken time off work to get the damn thing finished, and her limited savings would only hold her for so long. There simply wasn’t time, for screwing around with spooky crap.

But regardless of necessity, the sensation quickly became so enthralling that Emma’s mind was occupied entirely. By the strangely beguiling existence of this Esmerelda Peña. No matter what she was doing, no matter how occupied by her studies, Emma’s thoughts were always focussed, at least to some degree on the curious girl’s presence.

‘Just go and talk to her, for fucks sake Em….’

‘….go say hello, dispel the mystery, and everything goes back to normal.’

And were it not for the lurking thought that Esmerelda Pena was….

….not quite ordinary, that she was somehow….other. Someone not to be disturbed, Emily would have done just that.

And then, one night as Emily lay in bed attempting to think of anything other than the new tenant, she spoke to her. Emily didn’t hear the exact words, but the intention, or more properly the impression was clear. The invitation was unmistakable….

….she could feel it.

It was like a half heard whisper, so vague and indistinct that Emily wrote it off as nothing more than the stress of her studies getting to her.

But still, the feeling lingered….

….the impression that the girl had….

….had called out to her in the night.

It was stress, it had to be. But before long the feeling had become so profound and so compelling, that Emily found herself attending the peephole in her apartment door, with frequent regularity. Early in the evening just after sunset, and again in the early hours of the morning before dawn.

Anticipating with uncanny accuracy when Esmerelda would return. Emily even began opening the door just a crack, so she could see her when she came home.

Even though she was still somewhat scared of the new tenant, Emily found that she couldn’t help hoping that she might overcome her trepidation. That she would finally find the courage to just say hi. Or better yet, hoping that Esmerelda, whoever or whatever she was would introduce herself.

Emily became so distracted that she began to find herself pining for the new tenants return when she was gone. And longing for her when she was home. Like she was somehow hopelessly infatuated with someone she had never even clearly seen, much less met.

And one evening as Emily furtively watched the tenant’s vague and shadowy presence, return home in the dead of night, it happened. Esmerelda paused at her apartment door and turned around, and Emily saw her face clearly for the first time.



Her eyes were ancient, the girl’s gaze seemed somehow timeless, in a way that Emily could not quite define. And they were as black as midnight and as deep as the endless void of the cosmos itself. And Emily found herself falling helplessly into the fathomless depths of those queer and inhuman eyes, immersed in the mesmerising strangeness of their gaze. And then the new girl approached Emily, as she peeked timidly through her half open door.

And she spoke, extending her hand in friendship and prompting Emily to open the door all the way.

“Hi, my name’s Em” the tenant said.

Emily stood at the threshold of her apartment, so comprehensively hypnotised by the strange girl’s queer eyes that she could barely function.

“Hello….?” The astonishing woman prompted with an amused but warm smile.

“….anyone in there?” she waved a hand before Emily’s face, to rouse her from her apparent rapture.

And then, as suddenly and abruptly as the snapping of an over tensioned rubber band, the spell broke and Emily came to her senses. She accepted the girl’s proffered hand and fumbled through her own introduction. Her mind more than a little discombobulated by Esmerelda’s presence.

“….oh, sorry” Emily smiled, feeling rather foolish.

“….um, hi. My names Em too….”

“….I mean Em as well….that is Emily.”

“My names Emily.”

“Well I’m an Esmerelda Em” the strange girl replied warmly, still holding Emily’s hand.

“….I know” Emily replied a little vaguely.

“Oh?” Esmerelda replied “How do you know that?”

“Oh….um….” Emily struggled to conjure up some alibi to explain the knowledge she had gained, by snooping through her new neighbour’s mail.

“….I guess one of the other tenants must have told me….”

“….or something….?”

Emily fumbled over her words as she realized that Esmerelda knew she was lying. The wicked grin on the girl’s lips and the sparkle in her fathomless ebon eyes, told of her amusement at Emily’s pitiful alibi.

“No they didn’t” Esmerelda grinned.

“No one here knows my name, and you’re the only one that’s been able to see me….”

“Oh….um….” Emily’s heart began to race as she struggled to escape from the deceitful trap she had constructed for herself.

“You’re the only one I’ve allowed to see me.”

“….well….um, I….” Emily stammered.

“Mostly I move through the world and no one ever notices me….”

Emily fell silent as she found herself lost once more in those queer and hypnotic eyes.

“….but you noticed me, you saw through the shadows.”

Emily found herself once again subject to the curious sensation, which she had been experiencing since the new girls arrival. But there was a different tone to it now, it was as mysterious and beguiling, and even as scary as before. But now it was….

….it was seductive, and so very, very arousing.

Esmerelda was so….

It struck Emily as weird that she hadn’t really noticed before, but Esmerelda was so very sexy. She was kind of odd looking, rather feral in her overall appearance but also impossibly gorgeous.

Her inviting angel bow lips were made up a deep scarlet, which along with her large pupiled black eyes, contrasted starkly against the pale perfection of her skin. And her long straight her was the colour of raven’s wing.

But it wasn’t really how she looked, there was something else. There was a kind of seductive magnetism to the girl, a kind of hypnotic and serpentine sexuality that was….

….that was making Emily wet.

Just standing there talking to the girl, with her hand still lingering in hers was making Emily’s heart pound with erotic hunger, and her blood race with carnal desire.

Esmerelda now took Emily’s hand in both of hers, moving her fingers to the liar’s wrist, and discovering her pulse.

“Oh golly, your heart’s racing Emily. Are you okay?” Esmerelda giggled a little fiendishly.


Esmerelda moved a little closer to Emily, her proximity thrilling the aroused girl to her very core. She released her hand from Emily’s wrist and hooked a finger through the waist of the nervous girl’s jeans and drew her closer. So deliciously close that Emily could feel her breath caressing her cheek, the gorgeous sensation prompting her heart to race all the more urgently.

“Do you like me….?” Esmerelda asked with a wicked grin.


Esmerelda closed her eyes and took a dep breath before continuing.

“….oh my, Emily. Your panties are so wet….”

“….I can smell you.”

“….I….uh….” Emily uttered impotently, her heart racing with nervous agitation and arousal.

“You want to fuck me so much, right now….”

“….don’t you Emily?” The heat of Esmerelda’s breath against her cheek, prompted a gasp of agitation, to escape Emily’s throat unbidden. And her body to thrill and tingle with erotic urgency.


“Don’t you Emily?”


Esmerelda moved closer still and whispered so seductively that Emily’s head began to spin wildly, such that she felt she would faint at any moment.

“I can make you feel so alive…”

“….I can make you come so hard….”

“….that you’ll never want anyone else…”

“…ever again.”

Esmerelda’s hypnotic eyes were so near, and her whispering lips so close. And Emily’s arousal so acute and so insistent, that she felt like her sanity was draining away, like her very identity was melting before Esmerelda’s seduction.

“I can make your body sing….”

Emily gulped and attempted desperately to moderate her lust laboured breaths, struggling to maintain some semblance of composure.

“….I can show you things you wouldn’t believe….”

“….I can make you my slave.”

“….I….I…..” Emily stammered and gasped.

And all at once Esmerelda retreated and continued as though no untoward word had been spoken.

“Hey, we’re having a party tonight. A Friday the thirteenth party, there’ll be costumes and Tequila and weed and everything. You wanna come over?”

“Um…I….” Emily stumbled.


“Cool, people will start turning up around nine or so. Come over then, or stop by later when it’s in full swing if you want. Whatever you feel comfortable with.”

“Um…okay?” Emily chuckled, a little overwhelmed by the sudden about face in the tone of the encounter.

“Okay” Esmerelda began to return to her apartment.

“Oh….who’s we?” Emily asked in a distracted tone.


“You said we’re having a party, who’s we?”

“Oh, my room mates, Rosa and Maria. You’ll love them….”

“….they’re a real scream.”

What Have You Done To Me?


Emily’s hypnotized gaze was fixed upon Esmerelda, until at last she disappeared behind her apartment door. Flashing the stricken girl one final wicked and seductive smile before vanishing.

Emily closed the door behind her and leant against it for support, her head spinning with raw naked lust. She held her trembling hand to her chest, for fear her wildly pounding heart would explode through her ribs. Esmerelda had her so burning with arousal, that she genuinely feared she would pass out.

Her hands shaking with wanton urgency, Emily frantically unzipped her jeans and immediately reached inside her damp panties. The merest touch of her clit sending her head spinning anew with intense stimulation, so urgent and frantic that she withdrew it almost immediately. So impossibly intense was the arousal that the new tenant, Esmerelda Peña had inspired.

But moments later after taking several deep breaths, in a vain attempt to moderate her stimulation, Emily’s hand went once again to her lust slick pussy. Avoiding her far too over stimulated clit, her fingers found their way between her lips and inside her. And after only a few desperate thrusts, she fell quivering and trembling to her knees.

Clutching at her breasts and pinching through her shirt at her erect nipples, as the most intense orgasm she had ever endured, sent tremors of gorgeous and excruciating pleasure reverberating through her entire being.

Emily bit her lip until it hurt, still kneeling where she had fallen panting and whimpering, to her knees. Desperately trying to force herself not to cry out, and alert Esmerelda to her passion. She withdrew her hand, the stultifying aftershocks of her orgasm still throbbing and pulsing from her scalp to the tips of her toes.

Emily was utterly unable to do anything but endure her explosive orgasm for some time. Eventually the shock waves of pleasure began to abate, but as soon as they did, Emily discovered that she was far from satisfied.

“Oh my good god….” She panted desperately.

“….Esmerelda Peña….”

….what have you done to me?”

As soon as she was sufficiently recovered, Emily awkwardly got to her feet and hurried to her bedroom. Heading straight for her night stand, still panting with the desperate arousal that continued to rack her entire body, Emily reached for the top drawer. So frantic was her urgency that she accidentally pulled the entire drawer out of its runners.

Emptying the contents onto her bed, Emily’s trembling hands discovered the treasure they sought, her favourite remote control egg vibrator.

Emily hurriedly pushed the toy inside her panties, only to discover that she was still so wet that the egg slipped inside her, with only the slightest pressure. Still to frantic even to remove her jeans, Emily pressed the power button on the remote control. And her entire body tensed as the toy began to hum and buzz deliciously inside her, prompting even more frantic gasps and whimpers to escape her throat. Even at its lowest setting, the egg was almost painfully gorgeous inside her.

Feeling far to agitated to sprawl out on her bed, Emily began to pace around her apartment with the egg humming away in her soaking panties. Eventually she wandered to the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of water. She gulped down almost the entire bottle, desperate to wet her dry throat, and quench the orgasmic conflagration, which she genuinely feared would cause her body to overheat.

Allowing the empty bottle to fall to the floor, Emily gripped the kitchen counter for support. Arching her back and tensing her legs as orgasm after orgasm buffeted her body. And Emily’s whimpers became distraught, almost delirious sobs and cries as orgasmic bliss tore through her body.

But still, Emily wasn’t finished, even as she stood barely able to support her body, puffing and panting at the kitchen counter.

Still clutching the remote for the egg that buzzed inside her, and stripping off her sweat soaked clothing as she went, Emily stepped naked into the shower and turned the water on. And as the gorgeous little egg still tormented her with endless orgasm after orgasm, she knelt on all fours, her tears of excruciating bliss mingling with the water.

Emily had no idea how long she dwelt in the shower, pressing the button on the remote control again and again. Increasing the toys urgent buzzing until at last, the most fervently cataclysmic orgasm she had ever achieved, propelled her into screaming and rapturous frenzy.

At last Emily pulled the toy out and lay under the shower, panting and moaning for quite some time after. Until eventually she turned off the water and quite literally crawled into her bed and passed out.

And it wasn’t until the sun was sinking in west that Emily awoke, only to discover that she still wasn’t done. That Esmerelda Peña’s seductions enlivened her imagination still, lending a thrill to her heart, and an urgent hunger to her libido again.

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