Blood Music part twenty six

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And the deathless entity that called itself Eleanor Krieger trailed into silence, the timeless witch that had existed always, the vampire that had ruled entire worlds was lost for words. For the darkness that she felt approaching was a force beyond her knowledge, it seemed that creation had withheld a secret from her, a mystery kept entirely until now.

All she knew was that whatever this imminent mystery was, it was so great in magnitude that she could feel its queer power already. And the creature she held so lovingly in her arms was its herald, its standard bearer and its champion. Of this she felt sure.

But whatever untold and wholly unsuspected destiny Sophie held within her, whatever revelations would unfold….

“Will you make me as you are Ellie? Will you gift me enough of your venom to make me vampire forever?”

And Sophie’s heart swelled once more as Ellie held her even closer to her breast, adored her that much more passionately, as though she were so much more than merely Sophie Adler. As though she were someone truly special, truly unique.

“Perhaps” Eleanor whispered in reply.

“Perhaps it is you who will forever change me.”

And so the two dwelt together until their bath grew tepid, and the guttering candles began, one by one to succumb to the condensation which hung heavy in the air and extinguish themselves.

By what means Mistress Eleanor summoned Charlotte to attend to them, Sophie could not say. She had heard a whisper, a call of sorts clearly spoken by her mistress, but there had been nothing of words. Whatever mode of communication passed between Eleanor and her wives, was as subtle and as meaningful as any unspoken look or gesture which might pass between lovers. To render it as telepathy or clairvoyance seemed clumsy to Sophie’s mind, for Eleanor’s summons was as subtle and as concise as a raised eyebrow, or a knowing smile.

But whatever the nature of the summons, Charlotte answered bringing fresh bathrobes for them both as Eleanor helped Sophie from their bath and towelled her body dry, in a fashion that seemed almost reverential. And as Ellie adoringly applied lotion to Sophie’s skin she spoke as Mistress once again. The change in character somewhat subtle, but as clear and unmistakable as the tolling of a bell.

“We will need to be elsewhere tonight Lottie, and Sophie will need to be with us in flesh and blood.”

“Yes Mistress.” Charlotte replied obediently.

“She will need to be bound to this place, and she will need to be bound to us. Do you remember what to do Lottie?”

“Yes Mistress.”


“…tonight we will be four bound by one blood. But Sophie is not quite as we are, we will need to be apart from the mundane realm, if she is to feel the binding truly.”

“And if she is a good girl….” Eleanor spoke now for Sophie.

“….if her heart is found to be true, then perhaps she will know a little more of my venom. Would you like that Sophie, would you like to walk a little further into the abyss?”

“Oh yes Mistress Eleanor. Please.”

“And perhaps if all goes well, perhaps if your blood is true, we might be four bound to one blood forever. Perhaps there might be a place for you in our family.”


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