Blood Music part twenty seven

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Charlotte took Sophie’s hand and led her to a large dressing room, which she had never before entered. Indeed the topmost storey of Eleanor’s modest mansion had long been a place redolent of delicious mystery to the girl. Sophie Adler had often fantasized of Ellie wrapping her up in her arms, and carrying her away to the carnal paradise of her bed.

Often and lingeringly had she imagined herself the subject of her tutor’s erotic affections. And the sensual and wanton pleasures she had conjured in her mind seemed at last about to come true. But not yet, for there appeared to be some preparations yet to be made.

Of what obscure and arcane nature these preparations consisted, Sophie could not imagine. For it seemed that there were mysteries and secrets within this place, that defied nature and reality both. Or at least defied what Sophie had always supposed these concepts to mean.

But all beguiling thoughts of occult esoterica slipped entirely from her mind, as the house of opulent treasures which was the third storey dressing room, was revealed to her. Furnished with the most gorgeous dressers, wardrobes and vanities, and housing the most beguiling collection of raiment and finery, Sophie found her thoughts quite hijacked by the wondrous collection.

“Oh my good gracious….!”

“….everything is so….”

“Indeed” Lottie interjected “we’ve been collecting for an awfully long time, and we’ve assembled quite the collection of pretties.”

“….everything is so gorgeous….” Sophie gushed in a dreamlike tone.

“But there’ll be plenty of time to play dressups later” Lottie insisted “for now, you need to be comfortable and clothed, there are preparations to be made and time is not always to be considered infinite.”

And Charlotte gathered clothes for Sophie, as the girl stood quite astonished at the collection of timeless magnificence the room contained. Supplying Sophie with pyjamas of gorgeous silk, dyed vibrant magenta and embroidered with arboreal and animal motifs. And also an opulent robe of lustrous blue, likewise embroidered with matching detail, Sophie cast aside her bathrobe and dressed.

And such was the remarkable quality of the raiment supplied, that the girl felt as though she were wearing nothing whatsoever. And leading the girl aside, and bidding her sit before a glorious three mirrored vanity, Lottie began to brush and dress Sophie’s hair.

“What are these preparations that must be made?” Sophie enquired in a faraway tone, as she delighted in the wonderful luxury of Lottie’s attention.

“Well, you must understand by now my sweetheart, that where we are now is not quite the same place as that which lies without. And you must understand that we are not creatures of that reality. Not entirely anyway.”

And indeed these revelations were now so commonplace in Sophie’s mind that this comment went entirely without remark. For Sophie’s mind was set upon wonders of quite another nature.

“Am I really your sweetheart?” Sophie cooed as Lottie brushed her hair to lustrous beauty.

And Lottie ceased in her ministrations and beamed brightly, as she wrapped her arms about the girl and furnished her cheek with a joyous and vigorous kiss. Offering an assurance of her sincere devotion as the girl wriggled and chuckled under her playful affections.

“Yes dear Sophie, you are indeed my sweetheart.”

And with this said, Lottie’s tone altered rather profoundly. And she spoke in a manner most devoted and affectionate, as she went to her knees before the girl and added.

“You are….”

“….you are not what you appear to be, and nor are you the manner of creature you yourself suppose yourself to be.”

“None of us Sophie, not even Ellie who has lived as long as life, has seen the like of you before.”

“In truth we do not know who you are, and nor can we suppose exactly what you are either. But we know that love has flourished to full bloom once again in this place, where for millennia it has laid sadly dormant.”

And Charlotte placed her head in Sophie’s lap, and sighed blissfully as the girl began to lovingly stroke her brow.

“You are someone quite unlike any other dear Sophie….”

“….and we all sense most profoundly, that something truly wonderful will follow in your wake.”


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