First I bind her eyes to sightlessness, so that she might know nothing but the cruelty of my caress. For should she gaze upon her monstrous mistress when she be in full blood, terror might it provoke in her, and turn her affections stony cold.

Next I bind her mouth to mute, so that she might offer nothing but muffled moaning and whimpers of desperate carnal bliss. Stifled and subdued benedictions of lustful worship, and hollow and unanswered please for blessed mercy, are all I will hear from her.

Next I bind her wrist and ankle upon the altar of our wicked love, leather and steel forged strong and true to restrain her writhing and convulsions. And then the collar broad and stout, I fix taut about her pale and lovely neck. All as bright buckles and stays jingle their gay and joyous tune.

And now with her rendered helpless and entirely at my mercy, I begin the scourging of her wanton and libidinous flesh. With the limber whip and the unkind lash I bless her cheeks to a joyous, flushed and rosy hue. And while she does squirm and wriggle impotently against my unyielding domination, pitiable squeals and salacious moans of agony, escape her stifled throat.

For time uncountable I tease and torment her trembling and stricken form, and with talon and fang I agonize and I worship and I bless. I seize her by her raven tresses and drag her through the agonizing paradise, of pleasure and pain as one combined. And when the air is heavy and rich with the scent of her lustful pleading, I take pity upon her log suffering and desperate hungry lips.

And oh how lubricious and vehement I have rendered her, how pitiful and pleading for the gifts of joy I might bestow. But not too soon I whisper to her, my sweetheart must suffer for her bliss. And again and again I drag her to the promontory of carnal fulfilment, and cause her to gaze long upon the vistas of gratification, which will soon be her domain.

And finally her entire being is rendered completely helpless, and her heart and her soul and her mind are rendered blank. And when at last she is cast lost upon an endless bitter ocean of want, only then do I ease her affliction and her suffering and persecution.

And what blissful release and gorgeous pleasure beyond imagining, do I bestow upon her soul. Oh how she thrashes and writhes against her steely stays, upon the wicked altar of our savage love.

As brilliant as the radiance of a thousand burning suns, I flood her body with terrible and stupefying rapture. And as fathomless and vast as the very gulfs of eternity, is the unspeakable pleasure with which I inundate her sacred and tortured frame.

Again and again I bless her long suffering flesh. Far and far beyond pleading entreaty and desperate grovelling, do I drag her through ecstasy. And when her stricken heart feels that it may finally fail, and when her mind is bereft of all knowledge but the unendurable agony of my adoration. Then and only then do I release her from my fond savagery, and free her from her bondage.

And as soon I my restraints are made undone, in adoring desperation she throws her arms around me. She nestles as the love bird does into my soothing and now gentle embrace. And I for her complete fulfilment sing the incantation of my love, and then do I wash her clean in my devoted affection.

And tears of love and sobs of entire and perfect gratification, are my reward for my gifts bestowed. And the ever true and sacred bonds of everlasting love, we cast about us both as one combined.

In firm and supple leather, and in brightest ferrous chains, we both firm affix ourselves upon the wondrous altar of our love.

For I would have her as my blessed Freyr made bound, and I would be as her pitiless and adoring Hel.



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