Blood Music part twenty four

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But Sophie Adler was far from contented with the mere knowledge of Eleanor’s affection, indeed not. For Sophie had now become greedy with starvation for Eleanor Krieger, ravenous to the point of Machiavellian savagery, to fulfil her carnal cravings. And something of rebellion began to smoulder deep within her, something of defiance.

For so long had she beguiled and seduced, for so long had she lusted for Eleanor Krieger’s daemonic affections. Year after year, fucking her way ever closer to her ultimate prey. First Isabella and then Charlotte and Zoe, beguiling her way nearer and nearer the beating heart of this unholy coven.

And now with the brightest treasure, for which she had lusted for so long, so very near to her grasp. No, Sophie Adler was not content to remain patient and meek any longer.

But Mistress Eleanor had to be placated, her majesty and her menace soothed and beguiled. Sophie understood that Mistress would not take her as she meant to, not as she had promised, not as she had threatened, not yet at least. But perhaps she could be seduced into cooling the white hot brand of her lust, at least just a little.

“Mistress Eleanor…” Sophie whispered.

“….my Mistress Eleanor, how I have longed to be in your arms”

“How I have ached to know you….”

“….to be near you and to learn your secrets.”

“I could taste you on Isabella when I was first with her. Bella was so sweet and so loving, and I pleased her again and again, in the hope that it might please you. I could taste you on her lips, and I could taste you between her legs….”

“….as I licked at her lust and took her clit between my lips and my teeth, I make her cry out with pleasure over and over again. And I love Isabella dearly, I love her desperately, but it was you who I dreamed of pleasing….”

“….as I lapped at her lust, it was to hear your cries that my heart yearned.”

“Mistress Eleanor.”

Sophie reached one arm behind her and lovingly stroked at Eleanor’s lips, as she described how she had loved Isabella. And she was rewarded in her seductions as she felt Eleanor’s lips part to admit her a little deeper. And she was encouraged in her beguilement when she felt Ellie’s tongue seek out her probing caress.

“And when I was first with Charlotte it was your torments that I tasted. How delightfully she tortured me, bringing me to the brink of ecstasy over and over, only to abandon me to the desert of unfulfilled stimulation….”

“….for how long she tortured me with denial I can only guess, the hours felt like days as I lay stretched upon the rack of her pitiless teasing.”

“Oh, but when she finally made me come it was cataclysmic. How I screamed, how I writhed and bucked, I thought I would surely die of pleasure.”

“But when I freed myself from her torments, I exacted retribution in full measure, and it was she who screamed under the savage lash of my tongue….”

“….but it was to know your torments and your screams that I truly lusted.”

Sophie could feel Ellie’s breathing become increasingly laboured as she wove her seduction. And she could feel the movement of the vampire’s body as she delighted at the feel of their flesh united. And she could feel the creature’s lusts becoming even more inflamed as she took Eleanor’s hand in both of hers. Idly stroking at her finger tips before holding them to her own lips, as she whispered her beguilement’s.

“And on Zoe I tasted your dominance and your sweet cruelty….”

“….I was bold with Zoe, and she punished me for it, I kissed her without permission and she spanked me harshly for the wicked little tease I was….”

“….but even as she commanded me to drop my knickers and lift my skirt for her, I wished that it was your commands that compelled me. And as her hand scourged my bottom, it was for your scalding that I lusted.”

And Sophie’s hand remained with Eleanor’s as they began to explore and to caress her breasts and her belly. And Sophie arched her back and raised her chest a little, all the better to beguile the vampire with her excited and nubile beauty.

“And when her punishment ended that first time, and she permitted me to apologize, I lapped at her and worshipped her and wished that it was you.”

And Sophie’s heart soared as her seductions began to win the vampire over, as Ellie’s right hand wrapped itself about her throat and began to squeeze. And her left wandered ever so slowly across her belly, until it was at last upon her sex.

And Sophie gasped violently with pleasure and with pain, as Eleanor pinched her clit between thumb and forefinger and squeezed most cruelly. And her heartbeat began to hammer deliciously in her skull as Ellie’s cruel hand closed all the tighter about her throat, constricting breath and blood flow both.

And Then Ellie’s lips were upon her cheek, blessing her with the gentlest adoring kisses, as she mercilessly pleasured her with savage cruelty and whispered.

“How sweet you are Sophie, thinking to seduce me with your dirty little fuck stories. You’re just as much the wicked little teasing slut, my wives told me you were.”

And Sophie’s body tensed in unbearably delicious agony as Eleanor’s fingers tortured her sensitivity, and closed tighter and tighter about her throat, throttling her whimpering and guttural moaning.

“How sweet that you think you’re ready for me….”

“….how sweet that you think to seduce me and beguile my lust….”

“….I think that I love you now, more than I ever did before.”

“But understand sweet Sophie, that my lust is a wilful inferno, which burns deliberately and slowly. And cannot be so easily manipulated.”

And then Eleanor’s lips departed Sophie’s cheeks, and her teeth were upon the gasping girl’s ear. Biting down hard and inciting the most gorgeous and arousing pain to pulse through Sophie’s flesh. And even if Sophie had breath enough to beg forgiveness or mercy, she would not. For Mistress Eleanor’s torments were everything she had dreamed of, and so very much more.

“But I see no good reason why you should not know a little taste of pleasure, before I bind you to my bed.”

And with this Eleanor’s pinching became more fervent and cruel upon Sophie’s clit, and as her hand closed ever tighter about the girl’s throat, Sophie succumbed to her gorgeous torture. Gasping desperately for air that would not come as the most intense and painful orgasm tore through her body, and Sophie fell unconscious in Mistress Eleanor’s arms.


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