Blood Music part one

Sophie Adler stood in nervous excitement at Eleanor Krieger’s door. She dwelt there for some time, attempting valiantly to compose herself before ringing the bell. She tried her hardest to quiet her nerves, but the maelstrom of anticipation and fear which boiled within her, was simply too far out of control.

Sophie was determined that today would be the day. Finally she would do what she had ached to do for so long now. Finally her secret yearning would be acknowledged, to both herself and to Eleanor. And whether the consequences were to prove dire or miraculous, only time would tell.

But Sophie Adler was out of patience with time, if she were to win Eleanor Krieger’s heart it would take courage. The moment had to be now or never at all.

She put down her violin case and backpack and stood distractedly clenching and unclenching her fists. Finally Sophie took one last deep breath, straightened her skirt and sweater and brushed her fringe from her eyes, securing it in place with a clasp.

And then Sophie stepped bravely forwards, pressed the bell once then stepped back again to retrieve her instrument and bag.

She stood straight and proud, as noble and fearless as Queen Boudicca herself. Sophie could hear the sound of Eleanor’s shoes on the hardwood floor, before they were muted by the hallway rug. At last the woman’s presence became apparent through the thick stained glass of the grand front door.

There was a moment of anxious pause as Eleanor dwelt at the door for a moment or two longer than would be considered usual. Could she feel Sophie’s intent, could Eleanor sense her anticipation and anxiety? Sophie had been sure for some time, that Eleanor Krieger could experience the emotions and thoughts of others, far more acutely than any other mere natural being.

And Sophie was in fact convinced that Eleanor Krieger was indeed, far more than any mere natural being. Eleanor Krieger was something else entirely, she was ‘other’. Someone or something unique, and without precedent in Sophie’s experience.

At last the door opened and at once, before Eleanor had the chance to speak, Sophie awkwardly set down her bag and instrument once again.

“Mrs Krieger.” Sophie announced brightly.

She boldly stepped to Eleanor Krieger until they were inches apart, she stood on the tips of her toes and placed her hands on Eleanor’s shoulders to steady herself. Sophie raised herself level with the woman, placed her lips upon Mrs Krieger’s and kissed.

And in that moment Sophie’s mind flooded with images of hopeful fantasy and lustful imaginings. Her head spun with dreams of Ellie answering her deepest wishes, and indulging the passionate yearning of her heart.

How she ached for Eleanor Krieger to gather her up in her arms, to lead her to the paradise of her bed and make love to her. And in that moment as her lips met Eleanor’s, the pent up intensity of her love for the woman, flooded through her entire being. Setting her heart racing and her hands trembling with exhilaration.

She was doing it, at last she was actually doing it. And Eleanor had not recoiled. Sophie counted one, two, three, four in her mind, then stepped back, straightened her spectacles and clothing, and retrieved her belongings.

Sophie had thought long and hard about this moment, and she had decided that the count of four was perfect. Should Mrs Krieger object, then she might argue that it was merely an overly impetuous display of friendly affection. She would request Mrs Krieger’s forgiveness for the forward and inappropriate act, and pray that the matter be forgotten.

But should Eleanor not object, then the count of four was just long enough to leave no doubt about what Sophie meant to express. Long enough to convey that this was no idle peck, but a confession of the intense attraction she felt for the woman. A declaration of love, for Sophie was indeed hopelessly in love with Eleanor Krieger.

Sophie believed that she could reveal all the desire and hunger she felt for Eleanor in a single kiss. And in this she was correct, there was no doubt in Eleanor’s mind what Sophie had intended.

But had Eleanor kissed her back or had she just imagined it, had those lips moved to meet hers or was it her wishful mind playing tricks. Perhaps in hindsight, she should have counted five.

Eleanor stood silently for a moment or two as Sophie resumed her former confident stance. Eventually the briefest smile flashed across Eleanor’s lips, at which Sophie beamed happily. She knew that Eleanor was a woman of exceedingly moderate expression and great reserve. That fleeting smile had spoken volumes, and so far the story was a happy one.

At length Eleanor stepped aside and extended her arm to admit her student, she spoke warmly and with an expression of fondness in her eyes.

“Good afternoon Sophie, I see you are feeling bold today. Please come in and go straight to the rehearsal room.”

Jubilance reigned in Sophie’s heart at the victory, and her entire being thrilled with the excitement of the moment. Eleanor had not retreated in shock or cursed Sophie for her arrogance, but what did this mean. Had she read the message in her kiss, had Eleanor felt the desire she had wished to convey?

“Good afternoon Ellie” Sophie replied as she proceeded, pausing only to add

“I meant no offence by my boldness, Mrs Krieger, I merely wished to express…” Sophie stumbled nervously over her words.

“To express what, Miss Adler?” Eleanor gazed deep into Sophie’s eyes.

“My affection” Sophie whispered.

With this, Sophie abruptly headed into the house and made for the rehearsal room as instructed. She heard the closing of the front door, and felt Eleanor’s presence behind her every step of the way. Anticipation and excitement thrilled Sophie Adler right through to her very bones.


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      1. No! Do not change! I’m like that too. My novel is around 750 pages. I was convinced to cut my chapters and divide novel into two parts.

        I don’t remember if you heard my day 54. I’m going back to my way. Nice long drawn out chapters!

        Your writing is engaging. I love it. Not a waste of time at all. 😉

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