In the periphery of human consciousness and in the shadows of that species, there are those who are of other blood. Those who although they may resemble human beings, are entities of a very different flesh.

And for the enmity that humanity bares for that which is other, they content themselves to remain unseen. To allow themselves to be consigned to the graveyard of mythology and fable. Creatures of the shadows hidden from our sight and far removed from our reckoning.

For humanity has dubbed them monstrous. And made them scapegoat for all those horrors and cruelties which are particularly and uniquely human.

But these ‘other’ beings are no more evil than the wolf or the lion. For in truth it is humanity, which is monstrous and red in tooth and claw.

So rejoice that there are those amongst them who would deem mortal kind worthy of their company and make their introductions.


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One thought on “Welcome

  1. The work of H.P. Lovecraft is exceptional and one of my favorites. You couldn’t have picked a better master of stories for your blog that the Whippoorwill. It fits well with your style of writing.

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