Seraphina and Sophie

“And Belinda savagely tore open Heidi’s blouse, and at last conquered the ramparts of the trembling girl’s body....” Seraphina animatedly read aloud from her tablet. “Belinda barely able to contain her excitement, ravishing Heidi’s breasts and delighting her stimulated nipples, with fervent strokes of her tongue....” “Sera?” Sophie interrupted Seraphina’s story. “What is it Sophie.”... Continue Reading →

Laurel Lee

Emily Lewis’ van bumped and bounced, along the rough dirt road. Bound for her new home and new life as well, on the banks of the Little Deer River. Driving as carefully as she might, to avoid the endless potholes and ruts. But somehow managing nonetheless, to hit each and every last one. The multitude... Continue Reading →

High Tide

Melisandre Chambers rolled up the long steep driveway to Wakes Peak cottage, parking her cherry red vintage Mustang coupe under the shade of a tall eucalypt. Stepping out of the car she gratefully breathed in the wonderful ocean air, delighted to finally be home at last. It was all so wonderfully perfect, the sun was... Continue Reading →

Witches Promise

The new girl appeared from out of nowhere, her presence in the office entirely unheralded and unexplained. One moment she wasn’t there and the next she was, like magic. And all morning long, Kim Lee simply could not take her eyes off her. Try as she might to resist the urge to stare, again and... Continue Reading →


Bathed in the eerie light of the misty prairie dawn, Boon Jenner stopped dead in her work. Off in the distance, just beyond the tall grass was the biggest, queerest looking wild dog she had ever seen. And standing stock still, Boon followed the beasts loping movements, with a natural born sharpshooter’s eye. The damn... Continue Reading →

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