By Moonlight, a queer tale of monstrous supernatural romance

Communion night at The Temple dance club, had accelerated into a maelstrom of chaotic hedonistic ecstasy. Good pills were available in discreetly distributed abundance, and the atmosphere was wild and free. The dance tribe were in high spirits, and all around Katerina Reynard, revellers writhed and swayed to the pulsing trance of electronic dancehall beats.... Continue Reading →

Boo, a queer supernatural pulp horror romance

Bathed in the pale light of the misty prairie dawn, Boon Jenner stopped dead in her work. Off in the distance, just beyond the tall grass was the biggest, queerest looking wild dog she had ever seen. Standing stock still, Boon followed the beasts loping movements with a natural born sharpshooter’s eye. The damn thing... Continue Reading →

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